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Long Intro...

I'm mexican, 40+, new in these forums, not so new as a die-hard fan.
Usually I'm a lurker in any message board, but when I post I usually go for long boring posts, so sorry for that in advance.

If you don't believe that last part, let's start with some opinions, not sure how controversial or popular they might be:

1. Bad is U2's best song. Live. The Rattle and Hum version. If I'm in a coma and somebody plays that song, probably that one will bring me back to life.

2. Now that I mentioned R&H, that movie has some of the best songs/versions that u2 has ever played. I believe that if you haven't seen R&H's versions of Exit, Bullet the Blue Sky and/or Sunday Bloody Sunday you can't understand U2 and what it means to the hardcore fans.

3. Because of how much I loved R&H, I'm one of those guys that hated AB when it first came out, just to eat our words a couple of months later after finally understanding the "new" u2. I'm still sorry I missed that awesomeness at first.

4. I'm convinced that if some unknown new band released Boy in this day and age, it would be a success and it would receive great reviews and hype. I'm talking hipsterish Arcade Fire success and hype, not Pharrell Williams 24/7 airplay.

5. I just remembered that I have no idea if Arcade Fire and Pharrell Williams are good examples because I really haven't listened radio since more than a decade ago. I just stick to the bands I know or that friends suggest me and I take what I like from them. I like it this way because I don't care if something is overplayed on the radio or not, if something is too mainstream or if something is too hipster, I just listen to what I decide that I like.

6. I liked ATYCLB. Bomb was ok. About No Line... No Line (the song) and FEZ deserved to have different songs around them. I don't hate that album, but sometimes I feel like is a b-side compilation. An awesome b-side compilation, to be fair (even SUC... as a b-side I can enjoy it as much as Big Girls are Best).
(I'm being unfair to all the NLOH songs... there's some great songs and some decent songs in there... it's just that it sounds too "random").

7. SOI. At first I wasn't sure... then I thought it wasn't bad... not bad at all... actually, it sounds pretty good... now that I think about it, it has no weak spots... wait a minute, this is really good... wow, there's a lot of great songs in here... yep, I like this album, I really do... damn, these guys are back.

8. I usually like to include as much b-sides as I can to u2's albums.
Right now, my SOI has Crystal Ballroom right after the Miracle, Lucifer's Hands between Volcano and Wolves, and Invisible between SLABT and Reach Me Now.
It works. At least for me.
Right now I'm trying to find a spot to include the acoustic EBW WITHOUT removing the full version. Any suggestions?

9. Don't worry, like I said, when I post, I post this walls of text, but 90% of the time I'll be just lurking and the other 10% of the time I'll start replying and then I'll delete my posts before submitting it, so you won't have to read too much from me.


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I'm sorry that no one has responded to this earlier. This is probably the best intro I've ever read here.

Also, my neighbors are Mexican too so you're cool in my book.

I don't have time to answer your questions right now because I really need to brush my teeth, so I'll talk to you later!

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Old 01-25-2015, 02:12 PM   #3
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I suspect my neighbors are communists. I've had my eye on them for a long time.

Like when im sitting out on the front porch, drinking my favorite canned beverage while reading the local sports page and smoking cheap unfiltered cigarettes. I sometimes sit there with my best bud. Actually, his name really is Bud. He's been dead for a number of years now, but i still talk to him. Occasionally he responds with a nod or a polite "uh-huh" or "yep".

There was one time were were sitting out on the front porch, in the early morning spring, watching the birds fly against the wind. I was nearly done with my first 6-pack and ready to crack open another. We were reminiscing about the way things used to be when i realized my shotgun wasn't loaded.

To my chagrin, a car load of undesireables drove by my house really slow like, peered through the tinted windows of their import, clearly they were casing my house. I pointed the shotgun at them and they drove away quickly.

I looked over at Bud with a smile, and he nodded back at me in approval.
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