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COBL Vertigo Tour INTRO "RIFF"

Hi, Someone Knows the Riff of the Intro, before edge off the Eventilde?

Please Tab the intro. If you know it.

Thnx Greetings

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The Fly
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With a slide, (and the guitar I play it on is tuned 1/2 step down to Eb. So it will make a difference if you are standard tuning, or dropped a 1/2 step. If you're standard, transpose everything up one fret.


This IS THE FIRST time I have EVER tried to type out tab because I dont know how to do it. Only because I like this song so much, and the chance to help another fan out, I'm attempting it. Because I dont know how to tab, I'm going to do a little explaining here too to hopefully make more sense.

I keep the ring slide on my middle finger, and use my free pinky and free ring finger to hit the other two notes.

So, Start with the slide over the top of the 10th fret on the B string, hold it for about a 6 count (trying to remember from my head cause im at work) or until you get the timing down. Then slide down to the 8th fret on the B string. Then repeat once. After the 2nd time, and while the slide is on the 8th fret B string, put your pinky on the 10th fret e string, then to the 9th fret, and alternate picking between the b and e strings so you are hitting the 9th fret with the pinky, and the 8th fret with the slide, then finish the riff by sliding up to the 10th to repeat again, until you come out of the intro.

I wrote all of this without a guitar in my hand, and again have never tabbed a single thing in my life. I know how to play it well, but for me to explain on this is a bit difficult for me. I hope it helps. Forgive me if you cant understand this.
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