August 10, 2010 Commerzbank Arena, Frankfurt DE - U2 Feedback

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August 10, 2010 Commerzbank Arena, Frankfurt DE

Please post pictures, reviews and experiences about this show here.

Also take a few minutes to upload pictures to our gallery as well.

August 10, 2010 - Commerzbank Arena - Frankfurt DE - Photo Gallery (U2 Photos, U2 Concert Photos, Member Photos)

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Tonight's fantabulotous show was back to U2 live business as usual, compared to watching the gig in Turin through a "Is Bono gonna be alright?" prism. I completely forgot about Bono's injury for 90% of the show, it'd be hard to tell he'd had any back surgery just a few months ago! He was swinging on the steering wheel mic like a kid during the encore.

And as much as I loved the emotion and drama of the first-gig-back concert on Friday, tonight was just a bloomin great U2 concert. The German crowd were completely and raucously up-for-it, the whole stadium was bouncing, clapping and singing along from the start. I was in seats on the lower tier, slightly to Adam's side, at the end of the stadium directly facing the band. Fantastic seats for €41 each! (I only got them online last night so I suspect they may have been moved down a few price categories to shift them.)

My couchsurf host here in Frankfurt brought a pair of quite powerful binoculars with him so we were able to take turns watching the boys onstage in stalker-like detail. It was lovely to spy on some of the little band interactions that are usually impossible to spot from a distance, especially Larry's little smirks and laughs with Bono, Adam and occasionally with his techie Sam.

Actually Larry got up and gave Bono a very hearty standing ovation just after Bono's Lord Of The Prance around the outer stage during that new instrumental opener. So Bono gave Larry an ovation back.

Whilst it almost goes against standard U2 policy not to open (properly) with a song off their most recent album, Beautiful Day does get the entire stadium rocking from the start in a way that Breathe never could. And New Year's Day was an inspired second choice, pumping some more fuel into the fire, with some extra Polish passion added to the mayhem in the pit. Six Poland flags were hoisted by fans in different parts of the pit, one was thrown onto the stage, and Bono draped it over one of his monitors where I think it stayed for the rest of the show.

The German crowd were LOOOOUD, very, very loud, and fully into the show, with the full stadium on its feet, singing and clapping along to ISHFWILF, and bopping away happily to Mysterious Ways.

The big highlight tonight for me was Miss Sarajevo, especially when Bono strains for and hits that astonishing operatic solo. And I'm finally starting to see what others rave about for UTEOTW, it is a superb bit of rock opera, with Edge dredging some filthy sounds from his orchestra. Streets had a lovely long intro (and the white lights even worked tonight too).

I'm sure Moment of Surrender has a new arrangement at the start, it sounds different, more melodic, to me. It still builds intensely, but why do they drop the third verse ...? Bono dedicated it to the people who died at the Love Parade in Germany recently. It was a slightly awkward dedication, I thought he'd bonovoxed himself into a corner for a second, but he got out of it eventually. But the crowd certainly appreciated the dedication.

I must say, the light show and production looks incredible from the lower tier at back of the stadium. I allowed my eyes to sorta diffuse into the video screen, the towering Claw and the light show, and blurry eyed some songs are gorgeously lush.

There were a few flubs, but nothing too flubby. Least fav songs for me are Elevation, SBS, and Mysterious Ways, but they're three stadium blockbusters so I suspect they ain't going anywhere. I'm still not sure about Glastonbury yet after only two listens. Bono called it a 70s style rock out, I'm not convinced yet. I think they need to put on some wellies and tie daisy chains in their hair first

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THanks for the review.
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Originally Posted by cathalmc View Post
Lord Of The Prance
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Great review, sounded like another fun show.
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Show sounded awesome, and this was an awesome performance of Mysterious Ways, complete with a great new light show and screen effect!

I am over the slide solo, it would be nice to get back, but whatever, I kind of doubt it.

However, Larry, would you hit the goddamn drums, please? Maybe like you do on SBS and NYD and did on every other tour's performances of Mysterious Ways?

He has really gone flat in this song.

Bono sounds great- he hits the "man inside a child" almost like he did on Zoo TV!
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Best U2 show I've been to performance-wise, (4th show, Amsterdam 2x + Gelsenkirchen last year). Of Course nothing will beat the Amsterdam audience.
AMAZING voice from bono with crystal clear sound. I was right behind the stage and these seats beat my 150 euro Amsterdam and 170 Gelsenkirchen tickets by far. (wiiiiiide screen from the back).

Was totally suprised by NYD, loved the performance and so did the audience.I was happy that I got to hear a song that I haven't heard before.The show seems so much more perfected than last year's leg, it was just fantastic
The ending of MW was also superb, I miss the long edge solo of course but this was nice too.

The only "meh" part was In a Little While and the new song Glastonbury, everyone around was also standing a bit like "hmmmmmmmmm". Oh and bono didn't run during COBL, but that was to be expected I guess

Intro suprised to say was way better than last year, I love how all 4 of them come up during major tom.
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Thanks Cathal
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Yesterday's show was my third 360 show (2x Amsterdam) and to be honest, this was by far the best show(band wise and audience wise). Bono's voice was crystal clear, and Larry, Adam and Edge, were fantastic and really enjoying their time on stage.

Loved the Glastonbury and especially Hold me, Kill me....and Bono's comments about his back surgery("got a made in Germany sticker on my ass....")

Cheers from Hannover!
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Wow, great to hear these reviews. Thanks for posting!!
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Originally Posted by cathalmc View Post
...Bono's Lord Of The Prance around the outer stage...
My favorite bit!

Once again, thank you Cathal for keeping us up to speed. I completely adore how you write - your observations, the phrases you choose, your enthusiasm. So when's the next book being published?
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^ what she said

and I'm stealing 'bonovoxed', that's a good un
'You might just as well say, that "I breathe when I sleep" is the same thing as "I sleep when I breathe"!'
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OMG!!!! What a night! Started off a little stressful, caught the S bahn and had to walk the entire stadium to get my reserved tickets, totally missed Kasbian (no great loss) but finally got them and loved where i was sittting. Cathalmc i think we may have gotten the same tickets, just i was on edges side, but an extremely amazing view of the stage and for only 41 euros! what a bargain!

Loved the interactions with the band, Bono getting right up in Adams face and making him laugh, the bit where Edge and Bono tried to touch from the bridges in UTEOTW, Bono giving each member a german car make, Bono was Mercedes Benz, Edge an audi cause he's all gadgety, Adam a BMW cause he's all class and LArry a trusty Trabant! hahahaah Larry loved that!

SO glad i heard Magnificent, and MOS was an unbelieviable ending. Also loved IALW with the guy from the space station saying the last verse, really great!

MY only 'blergh' bit is the whole desmond tutu into one into streets bit, its just slightly boring. Also they had too many slow tunes vs the faster rockier ones, would love to have seen a bit more, but Bono does need some down time now he's an old man

Loved him swinging on the microphone for HMTMKMKM but ave a feeling they may drop it, although a few people including myself were loving it, most people around me sat down for it... same goes for the Glastonbury song (which i love) and the other one (who i also quite like!)

other then that, had a great night, was in Frankfurt for barely 15 hours, but so so so worth it. Can't wait for Australia!

Will pos a few pics i took, all pretty shit, had a good camera but too far away to get much detail!
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German TV channel ZDF had a story about the concert in Frankfurt last night, can be seen at heute nacht vom 10. August 2010 - ZDF heute nacht - ZDFmediathek - ZDF Mediathek

Story starts at 12:14 and is about 3 minutes long.
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Great post, Amy! (I love the excitement in everyone's 1st post after a show - before they've had time to compose themselves & come down from their U2 high.)

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