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iPod nano's white screen of death

I've searched in this forum for this issue but didn't see it so I'm starting a new thread.

I recently bought a 2nd generation 8GB nano from eBay (yes, I know, buyer beware), and all worked great for the first few weeks. Now it works just fine but I can't see anything on the screen, it's just white (there's a few dark grey bands here and there but I'd mainly say it's just white). So I have to just remember where to click and it'll play. I'm running iTunes 9.whatever-the-latest-version-is on Windows 7, but the original owner evidently had a Mac, as when I went to charge it for the first time it mentioned something like "This iPod is currently formatted for Mac, and you have Windows..." I'm wondering if that has anything to do with it, as I took the iPod to the Apple Store and they were able to bring the screen back, but once it went to sleep mode the screen went to white again. So I'm pretty sure it's not an LCD issue, more of a software issue. I've looked for iTunes patches but can't seem to find them. I've Googled "iPod white screen of death" and found a lot of people have this issue - but I haven't found anyone who knows how to help. I've done the 5 R's and toggled the hold key ad nauseam. I have another 2nd gen iPod 2GB nano that I'm afraid to update with the new software, just in case it is a Windows glitch.

Any thoughts from our resident tech experts? Thanks!

P.S. I did buy the 5th generation but took it back as it wasn't compatible with the speakers I already use - it would play but not charge, and I use it for work (I'm a massage therapist - it works great for playing massage music without running out of time or a CD changer noise) - it wasn't worth it to constantly have to remember to turn it off in between appointments and then charge it when I had time, plus it wouldn't play with my car adapter or the computer speakers I usually use to listen to podcasts with. So I said fuckit and took it back and got another 2nd gen (8GB instead of the 2GB I already have).

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try this company, they repair ipods for decent prices..

Replacement Kits and Services for Apple's IPOD Battery and IPHONE Screens | milliamp.comô

they have a NANO evaluation/repair service, screen replacements you can buy, etc

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Double post, oops.
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That's a good find Jesse, thanks.
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