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It must be true.....I saw the views on this post were "666".........{wonder who that was...must get out my palantir to check this out} it is at "668".


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Originally posted by sniggirb
This is the e-mail I sent to them abuot it:

I watched your video clip on your website today about U2 and how they are being used by the devil? I found myself chuckling throughout much of the seven minute video for a number of reasons. First of all I find it interesting how little things such as Bono's cross being upside down as being a Satanic sign. Also where the video uses Helter Skelter, a song the Charles Manson used as an anthem for his killings, you left out one key point that Bono says before they play the song. It's on the Rattle and Hum video you use so check it out. Bono says "This is a song Charles Manson stole from the Beatles, so we're stealing it back." That is not Satanic, rather it is U2 restoring justice to a song that was taken and twisted. And U2 did cover a snippet (emphasis on snippet) of Sympathy for the Devil in the middle of Bad. U2 has and continues to have a wide range of snippets of songs from other artists during that song, including the song '40' by U2. The song '40' in fact is based on Psalm 40. I also find it interesting that you say that the Fly character is the Lord of the Flies which is Balazebub. Isn't this taking a character a little bit too far?
I was also deeply offended when you said that U2's music is even more blasphomeous than Marilyn Manson's. You need more information to back this up. Is it not normal for Christians to question God when going through a hard time? The song If God Will Send His Angels seems like a deep cry for God to make Himself present to Bono. And also there are dark times in the Spiritual Journey that it feels like God is dead and that he needs to Wake Up, as Wake up Dead Man suggests. I'm sure being world famous rock stars, the band sees a lot of things in this world that make them wonder whats up with God and why is He letting all of this stuff happen.
I also wonder how you could turn the song I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For into a song that is denying Christ. A deeper look into the lyrics will show otherwise. The line "I believe in the Kingdom come, where all the colours will bleed into one," isn't that very spiritual? Isn't that much more spiritual than many lyrics we hear on the radio present day yet this U2 song still continues to get regular air time.
Bono is heavily involved in work to eliminate poverty in the third world. A song like When I Look at the World addresses the church and encourages us to try and see the world as Jesus saw it and help the world, instead of just sitting there and clouding things with smoke.
The song Peace on Earth is about the crisis in Ireland between Protestants and Catholics. Growing up in Ireland, no wonder Bono has so many questions about religion. He has seen so much in the name of religion, so much blood shed and innocent lives lost. The song is an honest cry out to God, he is asking "Jesus to take the time, to throw a drowning man a line."Is there anything wrong with asking for God's help? Is there something wrong with expressing this through music?

Let us know if or when you get a response!!!

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