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Any Art Bell fans here?

I hope he can get over his back problems and that the person impersonating Art and made those derogatory comments about Filipinos on USENET gets found.

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Dont really listen to him often, but I've heard him a few times. Interesting.

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I listen to Art regularly. I find is show to be really interesting. But, Art seems to be a bit of an alarmist. He seems to believe anything he is told. He was all gung-ho about the Y2K thing...and nothing happened.

For example he said "global warming doesn't necessarily mean the Earth is getting warmer. It could mean it's getting colder too."

Wa wa what?!

His show is interesting to listen to, but it must be listened to with a very critical ear.

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Propagandist and Shill

I have serious doubts about Art Bell and his credibility. His book "The Quickening" is one of the most blatant pieces of propaganda for a world totalitarian socialist government there ever was. Is this guy for real? The majority of his guests are frauds and con-artists. This is not to say his *subject* matter is not worth discussing; rather that his spin on the material is, I believe (and for which there is a lot of evidence for) purposeful confusioning and disinformation at its best. But it begs the question as to what purpose?

Who knows? To enjoy fame, rake in the bucks, an ego trip? However, when you consider his ties and links to Freemasonry (specifically The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry), maybe his agenda becomes more clear. Look, whatever you believe about Freemasonry, and whatever the freemasons believe about themselves, the following is clear: there IS an inner-circle of 33rd degree masons who consider themselves "elite" and have been trying to exert influence over world affairs for their own purpose. This group is a fact of history, and regardless of how effective this "consipiracy" has been or is, the fact remains that yes, many of these individuals DO (encredibly) still believe this ideology and try to carry it out to the extent that they can. One of their stated methods is double-speak and disinformation.

[An enlightening read of Albert Pike's _Morals_and_Dogma_ will absolutely drop your jaw. Although apologists for masonry can and do make excellent rebuttals for the claims anti-masons draw from this work, for the most part the material stands on its own. You just have to read and form your own opinions. Additionally, there are several other works that shed encredible light on freemasonry]

Although Art Bell has publically stated on air that he is a mason, he no longer does so except by code. This is why you will hear a bunch of crap about being a fellow traveler sometimes on air when he's talking to a caller. I'm not trying to say that ALL masons are bad or whatever. In fact, the outer ring of this secret society (the Blue Lodge for the most part) is setup to do mostly humanitarian work, develop brothership, and do other various good deeds. I'm just relaying that there ARE some of them who are encredibly occultic, and that there is a lot of evidence Art himself is a 33rd degree mason; or at the very least espouses the same occultic ideologies and philosophies of one of these documented 33rd degree masons. To point, his older logos were full of the very occultish symbolism defining the masonic-elite agenda. Unfortunately, this is only obvious to those who study the occult.

Personally, I think the guy is delusional at best, and insidiously evil at worst; his occultic, luciferian, and marxist ideologies betray him that. The biggest giveaway on this guy is the way he talks, and acts in relation to the shit he spews in "The Quickening." Once you realize that this guys takes himself seriously in this book, oy!.. you just want to vomit.

Beware of this guy, by all means. Read, listen, and make your own informed decisions, but keep a skeptical mindfulness about yourself. Now that I think about it, though, didn't this guy retire a couple of weeks ago? Who hosts coast-to-coast now?
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