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I had "U2 - Best of 1980-90" and liked it a lot, but ATYCLB is the album that made me a full-on obsessive. It's still my favourite U2 album a year and 10 U2 albums later.

Oh, and Ivan, why do you even BOTHER to type up your ATYCLB-slagging posts? You could just write "Standard Ivan Clayton ATYCLB Post", (or SICATYCLBP for shortness' sake) and I'm sure everyone would immediately know the content,

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I think all the publicity they began to get around the release of ATYCLB definitely pulled me in. When I started high school I met all these different people who had different tastes in music and other things, and it was all so refreshing!

I started to become more interested in music and exactly WHAT it does and how it impacts people. I started listening to the radio more, checking out new artists on the internet, etc.

And then the whole U2 Craze came up, and I loved Beautiful Day. The song is beautiful, and the video is cool. I had the Best Of already, but never paid much attention to it. Then I began holding my brother's U2 cd's hostage I listened to Achtung Baby straight through and was HOOKED.

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Originally posted by Michael Griffiths:

Well, since Rattle and Hum is an extraordinary album -- with possibly the best lyrics on any U2 album EVER -- I will consider this a huge complement for ATYCLB. If Rattle and Hum had never come out, and someone said to me, "hey, I would like a U2 album with the most succesful British single in U2 history ('Desire'); the best soul tune of their career ('Angel of Harlem'); one of the most beautifully evocative songs on America they've ever written ('Heartland'); a gospel version of 'I Still Haven't Found'; their most politically charged song ever ('Silver and Gold'); one of the most kick ass rock tunes they've ever written ('God Part II'); let's see what else... a gorgeous and heartwrenching poem put to music ('Love Rescue Me'); a duet with B.B KING (or is that asking for too much? Well, let's see...); an amazing live version of 'Bullet' (never put out before on an album). And to close this album, I'd like the most beautifully epic love song U2 have ever written. Wait, I'm not done: to top it off, throw some live classics in, such as 'Pride'. Oh, one more thing, lyrically, I would like this album to have Bono at his most enchanting ('All I Want Is You'), at his most daring ('Love Rescue Me'; 'God II'), his most experimental ('Hawkmoon'), his most evocative ('Heartland'), his most direct, but still written poetically ('When Love Comes To Town'), and make sure this album has the most imagery this side of Joshua Tree (I want differnet images, not just the usual wind, water, rain and sun)...Oh, still not done, make sure this album also has Bono's strongest, most soulful vocals EVER. Okay, now I'm done...

Well, at this point, I would look at the guy and accuse him of pipe-dreaming, but, alas, I wouldn't have to, because U2 did in fact put such an album out!! Wow, how amazing is that? Only U2 could have pulled it off I guess...

Very well said. I really like Rattle n'Hum. It is not my favorite U2 album, but it does have a special place in my heart. After all, it was what first introduced u2 to me!!!!

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I liked their music for awhile, but I didn't become a diehard fan until this year. I first got Joshua Tree in 1996, and would only listen up to Bullet The Blue Sky. Then I got the GH album in 1998, and then forgot about them for a couple years. Pop didn't exactly pull me in, and I hated the song Sweetest Thing. My favorite singer Bruce Springsteen was on tour in 1999-2000, and I was mostly into his music. But then his tour ended, and I needed another singer/band's music and tour to get into. And then U2 came back with ATYCLB, and I became interested in their music again. But I first bought Achtung Baby before ATYCLB, and that was the one that really made me a fan. I didn't like ATYCLB at first because I thought it was too mellow.

In June, I went to got see U2 in NJ in June with a couple other people who were longtime fans, and that was it. I was hooked after that. That summer I bought all the remaining U2 albums that I needed, and saw them again in Philly in November. And I love ATYCLB now. But Achtung Baby is still my favorite.

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