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i dont complain about snow at all anymore really it's always -39 here in the winter. . we had a blizzerd on may 31st this year school was closed for the first time in like 30 yrs. yaa that was fun..NOT

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Originally posted by LemonMelon
Oh, we also went through this:


3 feet of snow!
I remember that.

I got stuck inside a one bedroom/one bathroom apartment with my mother. I love her, but not fun.

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Nothing too major and nothing that effected me, but it once rained for 33 hours straight and flooded.

Also we get pretty bad fires here, over the summer the fires began early in December from a lighting storm, and lasted over a month. Over one million hectares were burnt, mass devastation. Oddly enough about five months later in the same communites it actually flooded!
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Originally posted by ylimeU2

I remember that.

I got stuck inside a one bedroom/one bathroom apartment with my mother. I love her, but not fun.
I had to go to the dentist's in that (walking from the Metro). There were snow drifts along the road that were at least six feet tall.
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hurricane andrew came through my town (well, where i lived at the time) but we were really not affected at all so i don't consider that the worst. really, all we (orlando) had was thunderstorms and school closed only because evacuees from miami were staying there. we were lucky.

i've also been through two earthquakes here but really, those were just blips on the radar. one i slept through. the other, it shook the ground a little.

anyway, the worst would be what was dubbed hurricane elvis. what a stupid name. it was a stormfront with 100 mph winds that came through this area. it occurred on 7/22/03. we were without power for a while. when you drove through the main street in this part of town, there were downed power lines everywhere, trees, fucked up buildings.

the worst thing i saw was a pharmacy i would later go to in midtown for late night munchies which got totally wrecked. even a year later, it was still being rebuilt.

we've never had any damage from anything so i consider ourselves lucky. hurricane elvis hit the downtown/midtown area hardest, which i moved to a year later. then that next year, we had a bad blizzard which, again, hit areas neither i nor my parents lived in the hardest.
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Nothing really major. Had a tornado hit about a half mile from my house when I was young, living in Wisconsin. Multiple blizzards.

Here in Seattle, my neighborhood managed to avoid losing power and having trees scattered all over the roads in the awful wind/ice storms that hit us last November. Everywhere BUT Seattle proper seemed to get the brunt of it, and several communities were without power for up to a week.

THAT was a wild storm. I was so glad to be home before it hit, making it exciting and fun to watch and hear it. Plus, watching the Seahawks/Packers on Monday Night Football and having it snowing made people think they were playing in Green Bay instead of Seattle.

That night, people were abandoning their cars on the freeway because it was too icy to drive, and the traffic nightmare after the game was multiplied by about a bazillion. Definitely not typical Seattle weather.
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Originally posted by LemonMacPhisto

Good thing you were okay.

I was in Lake Mary, parts of it got pretty rough, more towards Sanford though. School was particularly crazy that year; I think I missed about a 3-4 weeks that year.

I have a friend who is a teacher in Orlando and he was out of work for a few weeks. It was weird that the middle of the state got it worse that we did on the coast for some of the storms.
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Originally posted by southpaw_gil
The 1971 Sylmar (Los Angeles) earthquake hit on my 17th birthday on 2/9/71. That was a bad one.

I know, I know, a lot of people on this board weren't even born yet.
I was about 6½ at the time. I shared a bedroom with my older sister, and I remember waking up and telling her to stop shaking the room. She had already crept into bed with my parents! And then I guess there were various other earthquakes, being in S.Calif. and all. The Northridge one in early '94 - I was pregnant at the time. Just a few things fell off of a shelf, nothing really damaged.
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1989 EarthQuake in San Francisco and then the Oakland Hills Fire.
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I forgot to add the 2001 Nisqually (Seattle area) earthquake ... but it wasn't that bad, considering its magnitude. It was a 5 point something, but because it was located far underground, it didn't do the kind of damage a 5 pointer normally would.

But it was pretty scary for a midwest girl who'd just moved out to the west coast!
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Well..we don't really get "natural disasters" here in Albany, NY....but I've been through a couple things.

The first was nearly drowning in the Atlantic when I was 14 at my aunt's house on the Jersey coast the day after I learned to swim in the ocean the first time. It was October and cold but the water is at its warmest that month, and down there and I am a fish. But I can't handle an ocean undertow at approaching high tide when there's been a storm out to sea. I was walking beneath a tall sand dune and the next thing I know , I looked down and saw the wave swirling around my waist and I gasped; then all went black, and it seemed forever and then I was lying on the beach, unable to move, utterly weak as a jellyfish. Then another wave was coming in and I heard shouts, my stepfather was hauling me up the beach away from the oncoming wave..my legs would not move.

I've never forgotten the awesome power of the sea. I have a lot of respect for it.

Growing up in Detroit we had an average of two foot and half plus bizzards and 2 daylong power outages before Christmas or it wasn't normal. In 1988 there was a freak storm here on Oct 2nd and the autumn trees all hung down to the ground, weighed down by snow. The power was out for the better part of a week .

Five or 6 years ago we actually had a little earthquake here, a 5.3 or 5.4 I think. I was sleeping and then I abruptly woke up and I saw the knickknacks and picture frames rattle VERY slightly. And there was the faintest of rumbles, like a gas heater switching on...hard to describe. I had apparently been jerked awake by the quake and it went on for maybe another 15 seconds. Of course the local media went nuts, "Hey, we had an EARTHQUAKE!!" and it was topic #1 for days. That's what's fascinating to me about a quake: you can actually HEAR it! You can actually hear the earth move. (Oh, for you Cali vets, you're going "Oh WOW!" but for someone to whom a quake is a book phenom, cut me some slack OK?)

Speaking of earthquakes, I had a friend who lived in an apartment that a mile and half from the faultline inb the Loma Prieta quake. That was a 6.9 I think....the one in '96? Her pat was on the 2nd floor and she SLEPT THROUGH IT! She woke up and there were cracks up her wall and furniture smashed everywhere. I asked her, "How do you sleep through a 6.9 quake?" "I don't know, I guess I'm a sound sleeper!"

I guess the closest thing to a natural disaster I was in was the disasterous Flood of 1972 in northern Pennsylvania. southern NY state. My family's home was 33 miles north of Corning NY and our beachfront house is 15 feet above the waterline and 20 feet back. That day the lake surged against the walls of the house and my parents thought the windows would break and the house flooded. I was four years old. My mom toldme that it looked like a hurricane and I was crying and saying "Why is the lake coming up to the window?" All of downton Corning, where our family's other house was, was destroyed. The Chemung river rose and flooded the valley. Today if you tour the Corning Glass Works (where Corelle comes from), they still have the High Water Line marked on the wall for the tourists. The Flood caused something like $30 billion in damage and up to 50 + dead. Thank God I remember nothing myself.
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Thankfully I've never lived anywhere with psycho weather. The winter ice storms are bad but they're not really frightening and if you stay indoors, nothing will really happen to you.

Before that I lived in the Mediterranean where nothing bad happens.
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I saw a dust devil once.

Pretty savage stuff.
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Pretty much every day is a natural disaster here! Actually, we're very fortunate in this part of Canada, in that we don't usually get the extreme peaks of natural disasters elsewhere. Usually it's the tail-end of hurricanes, or big snowstorms in the winter that get us good. Certainly no big losses of life, for the most part. We've had some recent flood damage from extremely heavy precipitation, and a few close calls. Probably the last major 'event' here was the 1929 tsunami on the South Coast of Newfoundland. 29 people died, and my grandfather, who witnessed it all as an eight-year-old, was fortunate to have survived.

I think I'd look at storms differently here if people regularly lost their lives. As that doesn't happen, I actually look forward to them, in a weird kind of way. We'll get 4 or 5 "Snow Days" in winter, where everything shuts down. I love walking around the streets when that happens...things become so quiet, and houses get lost behind giant walls of white snow. It's especially nice when storms hit around Christmas...but they do tend to lose their charm as it gets closer to Easter.
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SF Earthquake 1989. My Ex and friends were at Candlestick Park 3 rows from the top of the stadium at the All Star Game. I freaked not hearing from them until near midnight that they were OK. There was some structural damage to our house in the East Bay and our neighbor's pool sloshed water out that flooded half our backyard but didn't get inside our house like it did theirs. I was in the car when it hit, backing out of a parking space & thought someone had hit my car then it felt like the car was surrounded by big burly guys trying to bounce and tip the car.

Then there was the terrible Oakland Hills fire. We have 2 friends who were evacuated and lost their beautiful homes.

Then was the 2003 San Diego Fires. THAT was frightening, being told to be prepared, packed and ready to evacuate for 2 days. To be told to stay home from work, stay off the roads, stay indoors....thank goodness we were alright, but I know several people who lost their homes and the fires in Poway, Penasquitos & Scripps Ranch was less then a mile in all directions from us.

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