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Well, she did divide Led Zeppelin by The Who, so....5.4 or so, and then round down....5. She's good.

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Originally posted by GibsonGirl

Again, I don't really think you can say that with conviction. People could buy an album and absolutely hate it. Doesn't change the fact that they still bought the album. People could buy concert tickets on the recommendation of a friend and completely hate the show. Doesn't change the fact that they bought a ticket. All of that adds up and skews the perception of "World's Greatest Band" if you're taking sales into account. And when you're talking about bands with as much exposure as The Beatles and U2, there's an even higher chance of that happening, I think.

There's just too much subjectivity when it comes to music. I truly believe it's impossible to pin down which band or artist is the greatest on earth.
You can't determine who is the greatest artist of all time, but you can determine who the majority of people THINK is the greatest artist of all time!

Its true that some people don't like an album they purchased or a concert they went to, but you can say that about any artist.

The fact that the Beatles have sold over 450 million albums compared to the Clash who have only sold 15 million albums is definitely a factor in determining who the majority of people consider to be the greatest band of all time. There were definitely people who bought Beatles albums who did not like them, but the same can be said of the Clash.

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Originally posted by UberBeaver
I don't know that U2 has influenced music in a way sufficient to being called the greatest ever. I think they're a great band, with their own sound, but they don't leave a wake of influence like the Beatles or Zeppelin or Floyd or Sabbath or the Stones or the Velvet Underground or the Ramones. Each of those bands virtually developed a new strain of rock; without them, there would be far less rock variety. I don't think U2 ever did anything like that.
Maybe not, but that is only one factor in all of this.
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Originally posted by Maoilbheannacht

You use everything that could be used to determine that question as well as polls of musicians, critics, and the general public from around the world.

By the way, you have 6 bands in your top 5.
I split The Who and Led Zeppelin because I can't pick between the two.
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At the end of the day, where any band will rank will be down to individual taste, I've never been a massive fan of The Beatles, but I like a lot of their material, if thats not a contradiction in terms. But there achievements are probably never going to be equalled, the amount of records sold by them, for a band who were together for just 7 short years after their breakthrough is staggering, the amount of artists who cover their music, would also suggest they have a right to be named as the greatest, but, and I say this as aperson who has listened to all their studio albums, I personally don't think they're as good as U2, I personally don't think any of the Beatles lp's is as good as The Joshua Tree, or Achtung Baby, I personally don't think any of their lp's is as diverse as Zooropa, I personally don't think any single Beatles track is as good as WOWY, One, Pride, WTSHNN, Zoo Station, New Years Day, Bad, The Fly, 2 Shots of Happy.., Vertigo, etc., etc., So in that sense as much as I admire the Beatles for their achievements, I personally think U2, are a greater band, certainly as a live act.

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