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Jimmy Little covers U2's ONE

I have mentioned Jimmy Little here before. A truly great Australian man and musician. I have loved him since I was a very little girl. His song "Royal Telephone" was so dear to me when I was little. I was always singing it and believed in the lyric. I now know it is an adaption of a Lutheran hymn.
We are so lucky to still have Jimmy and his music with us. He was very very ill last year, in desperate need of a kidney transplant, but that didn't stop him touring. He was about to do a show when they rang him to get back home as a suitable donor had become available.Thank heavens it was a success.
He recorded a couple of years ago with people like Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue and did some wonderful renditions of contemporary songs. He is about to release another album and my ears pricked up when I heard one of the songs was by U2. I've just checked it out

Jimmy Little- Life's What You Make it
Produced by Brendan Gallagher.

Under the Bridge - Red Hot Chilli Peppers

People Get Ready - Curtis Mayfield

Look Out For My Love - Neil Young

Baby, Life's what you make it - Talk Talk

One - U2

What's so funny about Peace Love and Undestanding - Elvis Costello

One Line - PJ Harvey

In my Room - The Beach Boys

My Fathers' House - Bruce Springsteen

Sacred Sand - Karma County

Stand By Me - arr Little / Gallagher

don't worry U2musiclovers, you can trust Jimmy to do a very worthy job of the songs. He has a velvet voice. I love him

please indulge me...it's been a while since I've sung here

telephone to glory , oh what joy divine
I can feel the current moving down the line
Made by God the father for his very own
you can talk to Jesus on the royal telphone

Central's never busy , always on the line
you can talk to heaven almost anytime
there's a special service built for one and all
when you get in trouble
give this royal line a call........

I also once mentioned here, that Jimmy is a yorta yorta man and his tribe put in a land claim on their traditional homelands. They failed because they could not prove continuing occupation. They were robbed imho. They were rounded up like sheep, or worse and put on reservations, seperated from their families, abused. It was tragic, but being the great man that he is, Jimmy accepted the decision and moved on...did I ask too much more than a lot..?
No you didn't Jimmy, you've done nothing but give.

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ahhwell, no one seems to be as excited about this as me

U2 are the only band/artists that I buy their albums as soon as they are released. But I think I am feeling even stronger about Jimmy Little's new record.He is covering songs by artists I feel very strongly about. Thanks Jimmy. It is released on May 31st. I don't have The Dissociatives new album yet or the Epicure one I wanted, but I feel Jimmy may jump the queue.
There was a documentary on TV last night about his life and his career.

a quote from Jimmy
"...There was a dramatic change in my thinking, my future personally, when Mum suddenly passed away. A little tetanus set in in a little oyster cut on her finger and my mum passed away very suddenly, in a matter of days.
I was thirteen.
In my own deep feeling for the loss of my mum I used to pour my emotions out on playing guitar and singing the songs that reflected better times, better days, the songs that Mum used to teach me. I would sing them and think of the great loss.
And then I used to think, "what happens now?"
And as I poured my emotions in to song and music to bring pleasure to others I found it was...... a kind of medicine. I became intoxicated on the applause. This was in my teens, after I left school at 15. I enjoyed what I heard and the response I got. I thought "Gee, why don't I see how far I can go?......."

Who does that remind you of?


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I think I might have to get a copy of this too- I love Jimmie Little, I saw him live a few years back at the Woodford Folk Fest and he was great, I loved the cover that he did of Ed Keupper's, the way I made you feel and that track listing is pretty cool, its nice to see karma county on there (another amazing Aussie band) and a cover of one of my favourite Neil Young songs- yes I think I will get this cd
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Old 05-13-2004, 04:35 AM   #4
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It's a great song list.
I've had the best day, local music newswise today. I found out Bourbon Street are doing a reunion Grass Roots Tour. If you get a chance to see them, do . They were my favourite rocking band back in the 80's. They are playing in my area this week
And hub found out today The Offspring are playing in Brisbane and suggested we treat our youngest son to the concert. He likes them. I'll be in on that. I love Brisbane.
And I think we're going to see Troy tomorrow night after soccer

all that and Jimmy Little covering One

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