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Re: In this thread: We examine my LiveJournal

Originally posted by Canadiens1160
So I opened a LiveJournal.

Does anyone else have one of these? I kind of resent the damn things, as they're usually created by teenage girls who like to wear loads of black and listen to Dream Theater (which isn't necessarily a bad thing) and talk about how much their life sucks.

Just thought I'd make myself a little home on the interweb to reach out and touch people. I have a link called "Some of my music" on there that leads to my cover of a Lou Reed song.

I suppose you could post about that.

If all else fails, this thread is now a picture war thread.
In that case, I shall friend you!! Welcome to livejournal, lol.

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How does it compare to journals here? Why is it so popular?

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You can customize, make it pretty, pretty much make it your own. Bells, whistles and all that good stuff...
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Originally posted by thatsnotmypuppy

So what is the appeal for you with live journal? Just easiness or you cant be fussed doing much else on the net?
I wouldn't exactly say we find it any easier, or that we "can't be fussed doing much else on the net," as a lot of us who have LiveJournals also have our own websites. Also, if you've a paid account, you can create your own journal layouts instead of going with the ones provided there. It's not just a simple cop out to avoid doing any heavy coding.

The nice thing about LiveJournal, I think, is the friends list. Also, you can search for similar people based upon your own interests. Everything about LiveJournal is lovely, actually. And the staff are always working at little things to improve the quality of the service, not just for paid users but free users too.
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I've got a free LJ that I've had for a while, and it's mostly due to laziness that I still use it. If I could be arsed to learn PHP and how to use Stylesheets, I have webspace on my friend's server that I could easily put a blog on... but... *shrug* I can't be bothered. I'm too busy with work/school to do work that I don't have to do.

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