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Originally posted by Jim
I've decided that I'm happy to wait until September or whenever..

I've just watched a programme about Bjork and her music and is clearly so central to everything she does...watching her talk about her life and her music is (for me) breathtaking.

It reminded me of when a mate and I were lucky enough to spend some time with Bono at The Factory in March 1993, where U2 were recording Zooropa. The one thing that sticks in my mind was that when he talked about the music that they were making, his eyes lit up and his body language changed. His energy and passion was electric.

This time around I, like lots of us have been frustrated in anticipation for the new record. I'm sure that the reality is that they are lost in the passion of the songs that they are creating. I bet (and hope) that the last thing on their minds are deadlines that they never set and fans getting sweaty about a official announcments and rumours (that includes me!). In my job I get deadlines all the time and when I dream about the band that I never got around to setting up one of the best things is that I would be able to do what I want when I want - me and my band would set the rules…no enforced deadlines thank you very much.

I guess all I'm trying to say is that the U2 camp is probably in a very happy, creative and ambitious place at the moment so let's leave them to it. If there were any major problems then there might be no album in the making and there would possibly be no U2 so lets not get too upset and instead send all our positive energies to a baron studio in the cold and wet back streets of the Dublin Quays

OK I'd better get back to my little Bjork love cloud!
Well said. .


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Crap. I was hoping for a summer tour for purely selfish reasons: I don't like taking school time off to go see them perform. I'll do it of course, but I don't like to.

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Martha, why would you want to be in school? lol, jk.
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Big Grin Re: Exclusive: More U2 Album News -- Interference.com *


I live in Fort Lauderdale, and I was having dinner with the PR for American Airlines arena guy in Miami. I asked him if any good concerts are coming to to town, and his reply was "Brintney Spears is coming to town." I said, "nah, not my thing." His answer was "well, who do you like?" I said "U2 is my favorite". He said, "Funny you should say that, I was just on a conference call with their tour organizer, and they are penciling in a tour for Summer." I almost crapped. He was serious, and I asked him a million times to stop joking, and I trust him."

Take it for what its worth. I'm not saying anything, but I believe him and I believe we are in for a treat real soon!


Originally posted by dsmith2904
Exclusive: More U2 Album News

Interference.com has received word from a reliable source that that the next U2 album is nowhere near completion and has a tentative release of September 2004. A very massive tour is tentatively planned to start in February 2005.

We have also heard from a source with Universal France that that label has not gotten any official word on the title or release date of U2's next album.
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*decides not to read more album news*
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measuring time between release of albums isn't totaly fair... the better way to measure length is to take the time between the end of the previous tour and the release of the album. this sheds more light on the exact wait for new material

end zoomerang until release of pop- 39 months
end popmart until release of atyclb- 29 months
end elevation until september '04- 34 months
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I'm trying not to believe every rumor that comes out, but for this one at least there's a tentative date. That's better than a random season!

And tentative could always mean getting pushed up.
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Well, maybe edge broke one of his cute little fingers and isnt able to play right now. Anybody have that idea? HE could have been playing with Levi and.... Or maybe he was doing some naughty stuff with Morleigh and well, oops. Hehe, never know. Or maybe....
Nah i wont go there. yep, that could be it.
Well, personally i hope nothin happend to that hottie
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i have this gut feeling this is all to avoid the media hype so they can sneak the album up on us...im praying for May
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I'm still taking everything I hear about the new album with a grain of salt but at least September sounds better than winter. The way I am looking at it is not to expect anything until then so if it is sooner that makes it that much sweeter. Like others have mentioned that means more time to save money and accumulate time off!
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Tentatively September.....meaning it could tentatively be pushed back again. I give up. To hell with this.
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C'est la vie.....

more time to save up for tix...

I have more respect for them holding something back that they're not happy with.....

most people who draw or paint or play music know this feeling, you're working on something so hard, and then you step away from it for a little bit and when you come back it all looks totally different, sometimes you can see what you need to change and do it, and sometimes you need to shitcan the lot and start over. Frustrating, but, eh. It happens.

*wanders off singing under my breath "and you leave me hangin' on....."*
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Headache in a Suitcase,

"measuring time between release of albums isn't totaly fair... the better way to measure length is to take the time between the end of the previous tour and the release of the album. this sheds more light on the exact wait for new material"

"end zoomerang until release of pop- 39 months
end popmart until release of atyclb- 29 months
end elevation until september '04- 34 months"

I disagree with this on two levels. First, the band has time starting from the release of the album all they through the release of the next album to write and record material. Touring is not an excuse. U2's early history testify's to this fact.

As a fan who buys the album the first day it comes out and listens to it as much as possible, the "wait" starts with the release of each new album.
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Dear Santa:

I know it is early but I am going to be a really good girl this year. For Christmas I would like the new U2 album and concert tickets.

Guinness and cookies will be waiting for you.

Have a great year

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the latest edition of Q magazine- usually in the know,a supporter of U2 and often with interviews well before release dates- states a Spring release.


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