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Originally Posted by indra View Post
If you're 20 minutes late for class you need to get your butt moving sooner instead of getting pissed off at others. I have absolutely no pity for people who always run late. None.
Thank you. Neither do I.

Leave in enough time to be annoyed by the people who are making you late, not the ones who are making you more late.

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I do, in a small way.

I like to express myself vocally in the car if some plonker makes a dumb move.

They cant hear me, and no-one else is in the car but hey, better out than in.

I would not be someone who would tail someone in revenge or anything thou, thats really dumb to do, thats turning something into a competition and if males do this they look dumb. in fact, males have the cheek to turn round and thumb down on many safe driving female drivers when in fact the same males lack intelligence as they forget many road rules - Ive witnessed.

dumb f*************s

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I talk outloud and yell expletives toward other people all the time when I am in the car. It's not so much road rage but a form of coping with the idiots that are out there on the roads with us who really shouldn't be allowed to be out there! It's therapeutic in a strange way to point out the stupidity of the idiots out there. I always manage to find myself laughing too. At the idiots AND laughing at myself!
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Old 11-11-2008, 12:00 AM   #49
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I've driven for um (I have to count here)... 15 years and never had an accident. I've been in them, but never the driver and never at fault. This will statistically end one day. I just hope it won't be too serious, and that it won't be my fault/an avoidable accident. I used to suffer chronic road rage. I abused people, spent half my time driving with my middle finger up, I honked, I overtook, I sped, I did it all. Then I had an epiphany or something and realised I was just stupid. Why should another driver and my impatience combined put everyone at risk? I went through this major zen transformation and now almost nothing bothers me on the roads. I stick to the speed limit, I stay over to the left, I never overtake slower drivers, I indicate all the time, I wave and thank people, I let them in, I ignore others who are cranky and speeding and just keep a distance from them. No one's rage is going to get me all hot and angry. It won't ruin my day. It won't stop me from getting home to my people. I don't think agro driving or aggressive driving achieves anything. It doesn't get you to your destination any faster; it just increases your odds of one day having an accident.

You are a Very Safe Driver
Your Safety Score: 90 %
The average score among all people who have recently taken this test is 69.19%

You are a Passive Driver
Your Degree of Aggressiveness: 32.5 %
The average score among all people who have recently taken this test is 57.02%

You are a Very Courteous Driver
Your Courtesy Score: 100 %
The average score among all people who have recently taken this test is 73.75%

You are a Fairly Calm Driver
Your Degree of Rage: 35 %
The average score among all people who have recently taken this test is 55.55%%

Better to be late than dead on time, right?
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I'm so surprised that my rage isn't that high. I have to drive 45 toand from work a few days a week and I hate it.
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people who don't thank you when you let em in the queue . . . manners people, they matter

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