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The Fly
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Edge Costume for Halloween

What are some ideas for a good Edge Halloween costume? Obviously I'll have to pick up a nice beanie.

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Inflatable guitar, or A guitar hero Explorer guitar?
Some jeans with studs, some Converse, and a nice tshirt.


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Popmart Edge
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The 7 shirt from the Elevation tour is very recognizable. With a regular pair of light jeans, sparkles and bedazzlements optional.

The beanie is a must, I'd top it with a pair of Converse.

Other styles you coudl think of Hobo Pirate 1989 Edge. Or ZooTv Edge with the sparkly pants, black wifebeater and purple vest.

or, if you really want to show it off. PopEdge with the pornstache and cowboy outfit.
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EdgeFest to be your stylist? But you had to tell me about 6 months ago.

I've made all sorts of things - and you saw one of them in East Lansing... the hat. My hat was quite an undertaking, a real Stetson custom ordered from Texas and a hatband that I searched for months for to find the 'right one'. I've also made a pair of Elevation jeans, and for those I ordered an actual Bedazzler and the right size studs. That took me about 8 hours total to get that right in a number of sittings (Bedazzling will piss off the most patient of people, trust me.) I could point you in the direction of an E-Bay seller who makes a pretty perfect replica of the '7' shirt, but unfortunately there wouldn't be time to order it. I've also done a sparkly "Mrs. The Edge" shirt using iron-on rhinestones, and that damn thing probably was about 6 hours of work, no kidding.

So basically what I'm saying, is Edge stuff takes time, but that's because I'm so anal. I could give you all kinds of ideas for "next" year's costume... LOL.

I also dressed up for fun at a tribute band show in Seattle a couple of weekends ago (it's close to Halloween and it started off as a joke when we were at a costume shop, what can I say) as Rattle & Hum Edge. My hat was already a given, I found a crazy patterned vest, rolled up my jeans (it would have been better to have a pair with holes in them but I was on a weekend trip away from home). I found a pair of black lace-up boots (but if you have 8 hole Doc Martens that's perfect - mine were at home so I had to improvise). I finished it all off with a big long brown wig which I put in a ponytail - it was quite hysterical. The chances of anyone outside of the type of crowd who attends a U2 tribute band show knowing what I was doing? Almost 'nil. I can't see myself wearing that particular outfit for Halloween for that reason, but it served a purpose that weekend.

So that's an example of something I did on limited time and budget (unlike the mega projects above, but the hat was an essential piece that I couldn't have whipped up that quickly).

Here's a few essential things you could do pretty quickly for a 360-style Edge (circa 2009).

1. Beanie - super easy.
2. Black tank top and plaid shirt.... with some iron-on rhinestone accents. They are cheap and easy to do, just a few here and there for that sweet Edge-sparkle.
3. Razor blade necklace. This is so essential. It just IS. It finishes off the outfit just right, and they're not hard to find.
4. Leather cuff - another essential Edge accessory, left wrist, of course. You can get one from a craft store like Michael's - go to the leather section. You can even put some studs on it for extra awesomeness.
5. Rockband Fender Strat. I'm anal about this, but that's the one you need. It's the only plastic guitar in the colour/style that Edge actually plays. If Guitar Hero would have made a brown Explorer, WIN. However, it was only white, and if you want to be a purist, that's a big fail. Plus, the Strat looks a bit more 'real' because it doesn't have those kiddie big buttons on the neck. I would suspect you can pick one of these up at an EB Games for next to nothing now that Rockband isn't so hot anymore.
6. Paint splatter jeans. Easy as hell, and worn in 2009 at the shows prior to Atlanta where he switched to the ones with the crazy studded knees.
7. Converse All-Stars. A must.

Hope that helps, but 360 Edge is the easiest thing I can think of on limited time. Good luck, and yes, we need pictures.
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I made the shirt and bedazzled the jeans for Mr.Z a few years back

Here's a bigger pic

Here's the two of us - most of you have seen this before but any excuse to post it

But I like EdgeFest's idea for 360 Edge.
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The Fly
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Some jeans with studs, some Converse, and a nice tshirt.
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The Fly
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There is a gal on Etsy that does an awesome Elivation Edge Red shirt. Otherwise, I would go with 360 Edge and visit Michaels for a Bedazzler.

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