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The Fly
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"stay meanings"

i love the song stay but i cant really work out what it is about any ideas????
maybe its about a bad relatinoship
("cause when he hits you you feel alive")

a vampire or a victim it depends on whos around

Dont let the Bastards grind you down

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Rock n' Roll Doggie
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Stay is a great song!

We've discussed it in an earlier thread: http://forum.interference.com/u2feed...ML/000130.html

Hopefully this will shed some light on the subject!


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I cannot stop loving this tune. Bono himself has said that this is "the most beautiful song that we(U2) have ever written."

The song was inspired by the movie "Faraway, So Close!" directed by Wim Wenders. The film, which I have only seen parts of, is about an Angel who falls in love with a human, but is only able to "watch over" this person because of that whole Heavenly thing. If you've seen City of Angels with Nick Cage you may be able to understand this song because it was basically a take off of Faraway So Close!. In it Cage takes the fall so that he can be human and become able to really touch and feel and listen to Meg Ryan's character.

Thats what this song is really about. Just listen to the lyrics and you will understand. But I also feel the song ismuch broader than that. Maybe its about anyone falling in love with another, but not being able to really truly communicate those feelings because of fear or maybe even another person involved, who hurts her, but it makes her "feel alive."

Really I think its about wanting to do soething so bad, but ultimately feeling helpless in the end, and is forced to watch over them rather than actually bein there with them. But then again the character in the song takes the fall as it states:
"3 o'clock in the morning its quiet and theres no one around, just the bang and the clatter as an Angel hits the ground"
The character has now decided to reveal himself/herself to the lover.

Sorry if I'm confusing right now. My thoughts are running faster than my words.

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Here's another interpretation...
Think of it this way:
The character in the song is in love with a television character.
"and if you look, you look through me/ and if you talk, it's not to me/and when I touch you, you don't feel a thing"

plus the whole talk shows, adverts thing.

from this perspective it continues on the character presented in Babyface...

And I felt like a star...

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