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U2 Bit Torrents on Sharingthegroove.org

As Promised here is some info on the U2 Bit Torrents currently Available on Sharing the Groove

Before you rush to the links make sure you:

Learn about BT/SHN/FLAC here:

You can Read up on FLAC here:

You can DL an easy to use free FLAC>wav program here:

You can read up on Shn here:

You can DL an easy to use free SHN>wav program here:

Read up on how torrenting works and educate yourself, if you rush into a thread and start asking stupid or common questions people are going to make you feel stupid! Dont Depend on people to hold you by the hand and walk you through the process. Take an hour or 2 and cruise around the site and read some of the helpful newbie threads. Download the software you need and get familiar with what is and isnt appropriate and normal to ask in a thread.

Other great sites for u2 Content:


If you dont have a cd/dvd burner and/or a high speed internet connection you can always go into the BT threads and ask for a B&P, you can also go into the B&P threads on these and other sites and simple see if someone would be kind enough to send you a show. Dont know what a B&P is...go

If all of this seems like too much work then head to ebay where you can pay top dollar for all different kinds of u2 bootlegs.

U2 Bit Torrents on Sharingthegroove.org


u21987-07-29 Lucille shnf

U21993-08-28 Westwood One Broadcast

U22001-05-15 Chicago ALD/AUD mix

U2 1987-05-16 Meadowlands, NJ AUD


U2 - Westfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany, November 21st 1984 Pro-shot

U2 10.10.01 Notre Dame Pro-Shot DVD

U21986-06-15 Conspiracy of Hope DVD

U2 - 1992-08-16 - Washington DC - DVD

U2 2001-04-24 Anaheim FIXED dvdf

u2 12/2/01 Miami FL DVD

U2 Lovetown DVD (a really small DVD torrent)

When I posted this all the above shows had seeders, I did not list shows without seeders.

Now there is no more need to complain about people not sharing U2 Bootlegs, in the coming months you will see many many u2 bootlegs on STG and Stateless and other sites. I have one of the largest U2 DVD collections in the world and i am working with other devoted traders who value quality and also believe in sharing music from the Greatest Rock band in the world.

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You are really a hero.

Oh well, one more time:


Also for other quality live music besides U2. And some Jerry Seinfeld!

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I absolutely love STG.
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