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Jun 21, 2001
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I was wondering who influenced your tastes in music over the years, just for something to do.

I'd definitely have to go with my dad. It's been one of the few things that's bonded us, and his massive vinyl collection introduced me to the likes of the Stones, Beatles, Ramones, Blondie, Beach Boys, Jimi Hendrix, classic Motown, and countless other essentials at a very young age.

As far as later influences, one of my boyfriends got me into indie rock so at least I can thank him for that.

Who was everyone's main influences when it came to music?

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My dad saw fit to sit me down with the important records of the 60s/70s at an early age and explain their importance societally, politically and musically. It all sunk in.. and I still listen to most of it today..

For my faves growing up:

The Doors
Pink Floyd
Bob Marley
Harry Chapin
Cat Stevens
Leonard Cohen
David Bowie
Billy Joel
Elton John

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Definately my dad!!! My brother and I listened to his 8 tracks growing up. The bands he started me off on were:

*The Who
*The Beatles
*Rolling Stones
*Led Zep
*Pink Floyd
*The Doors
*Neil Young
*David Bowie

Basically all the classic rock favorites, but still, I love that he got my brother and I so into music.


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probably my older brothers and sisters early on if anyone, but I never really had to be encouraged to listen to certain types of music, I pretty much did the discovering on my own
My parents bought me my first U2 album.

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Originally posted by LarryMullen's_POPAngel:
C'mon, people! This is a good topic!

Well, living in So. Cal, and liking the surfer music, I chose to listen to my mom's Beach Boys records over The Beatles and Elvis.

I don't remember listening to much else as a kid. Used to drive my mom nuts because it would either be Jan and Dean or The Beach Boys blaring from my record player while I clean my room on Saturday mornings.

Growing up in the 80's, I loved the bands coming out of the era: Tears for Fears, Duran Duran, The Pet Shop Boys, Oingo Boingo, OMD, Erasure, The Go-Go's, The Bangles, Bananarama, etc. I'm still a sucker for 80's music. LOL But, when I discovered U2 in the later part of the 80's (around Joshua Tree), they kinda stuck. I suppose they just grew on me from there.

My mom listened to Ella Fitzgerald, Ahmad Jamal, and the Kingston Trio (!). My dad liked to listen to the Temptations and the Supremes. The neighbor girl down the street was much older, all of 13, and she loved Janis Joplin. All of these people influenced me.


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I grew up listening to my older teenage brother and sisters music tastes when I was a kid. (WHAM! REM, U2, The Cure, all sorts) Then when I was 13 my big sis got me a ticket to see U2 Zoo TV. It kinda got me hooked in a big way...hehe

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Originally posted by The Wanderer:
I never really had to be encouraged to listen to certain types of music, I pretty much did the discovering on my own

similar here, although i guess i discovered 3 artists in particular via my Dad- Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel and U2 was thru him and a combination of other people...
My Dad- BIG TIME!!!- I have him to thank for making me such a huge music lover. My Dad is a huuuuge fan of Blues music, so there was always heaps of blues being played in our house, but other bands that he got me into were,

The Beatles
Led Zep
Neil Young
The Stones
The Who
Pink Floyd
Robert Cray

I remember my Dad used to give me money on holidays to buy an album with (vinyl) and I think the first album I bought was Fleetwood Mac's Tango in the night- dont know hold old I was, but I still have it- although I dont have a turntable.........and most importantly I have my Mum to thank for getting me into U2, she had a vinyl copy of Rattle and Hum that my Dad bought her and although I think I would of got into them no matter what when I heard Pride being played all the time at home, well I just fell in love
Noone really. I have never had a taste in music. The collection my parents had consisted of.... hmm... about 30 vinyls which ten was children stories. lol

My own collection isn't very big either. I only buy a record if I really want it so I don't have any cd that I don't care much for. They all get played once in a while.

So I guess the person who had the biggest influence in my musictaste is the guy who got me into U2, he more or less changed my life. I have no contact at all with him nowadays.

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On the other hand maybe this has lead to that I can't really say any music is bad, I can take most stuff, I just have a hard time to say that I like someone more then others, except for U2.
My biggest influence was definitely my best friend from high school. He turned me on to all this great 70s music that I had never listened to before. We would drive around in his car and he would play song after song after song for me, turning the radio up for his favorite parts. To this day, there are songs that I have to crank up a verse here and a verse there just because it's what we always did.
Last night my dad and I went out to dinner, and talked about music for the first time in ages. It's just really cool for me to see him talk about it (he's not like an expert or anything, and I think I've definitely surpassed him in terms of fanaticism!)since a lot of the times we've seen each other in the past few years it's all been depressing with his problems and all.

Mainly my sis and also my bro, never got on with her much but really got into music through her huge collection of CDs! My bro is the same, I had 100s of CDs at my disposal when I was like 14 and I had never bought one!
She has great taste in music so now I do too
Well I have to say that it was mostly me that got me into music! Althought as much as I hate to admit it.... it was an ex that truly turned me onto U2. At least I got something out of that relationship! I think it really took off once I started my piano lessons back in 2nd grade - and took off from there.
my father was in a rock band, so he was an influence in my music tastes early on...beatles, yes, rush, aerosmith, billy joel, all the 70's and early eighties music...but my grandmother is the one who really influences me in my teenage years when it came to music. after all...she's the one who hooked me onto U2
my family rocks

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Hmmm - some of it my brother. (he got me into Queen, Pearl Jam, Cranberries and U2)

I "discovered" Beatles and the Stones, Roy Orbison, Beach boys via radio.

Other than that, i usually find new things via MTV.

Funny enough, me and my 2 brothers have different tastes in music:
- me, i'm pretty much conventional, mainstream-ish pop/rock sound
- one of my brothers (the "U2" one) is more into heavy stuff (grunge, nu-metal lately)
- the 2nd brother is more techno/dance stuff (and he LOVES Enya)
yeah, my bro is my biggest influence in music. he's the one who taught me all of those bands. u2, r.e.m., sting, the cure, etc
if my bro weren't there, i think i would be a fan of nsync haha
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