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That's pretty neat. :up:

It was totally thrilling! I freaked out when the Poldark team tweeted this photo of Aidan and asked if I was the one who sent the rules to Pool and I was like "guilty your honour!" :lol: I was so glad that he really liked the gift and that it gave him a good laugh!! He's such a great sport!! :love:

hc, when I saw "Guardians of the Galaxy" the other day, there was a preview for the third Hobbit movie, coming in December. He looked might pretty in that, too!! :drool:

Oh agreed can't wait for the last hobbit movie. I saw trailer the day it was released and took this screen shot!

Also I was a litte pre-mature about the wrap date of Poldark, it was yesterday when filming for the first season finally ended, Aidan's has signed a 5 year contract, and BBC One posted and tweeted this fab last day photo of Aidan yesterday, loving the full head of dark curly hair! :drool:

Kudos to the hairstylist for getting those wild curls of his under some sort of control! :p And all through the filming there would always be about half a dozen women fussing over him, hair, make-up and/or wardrobe, in between the takes, all very necessary I'm sure!! :sexywink:

Yes, I've been watching Sleepy Hollow too and looking forward to the next season! :hyper:

Here's a few more photo of the very sexy and lovely Aidan Turner from filming Poldark in Cornwall this summer.

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