saturn by cassini

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Jan 17, 2001
anyone else been keeping up with cassini's mission to saturn? the photos are incredible!

i was watching cnn last night as cassini arrived, and showed the most amazing pictures of earth between the rings of saturn. unfortunately i can't seem to find a photo of that.

here's some of the cassini photos.





more photos can be found on the cassini-huygens website:

and here:
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Expect to see even more amazing photos in the coming months!

It's hard to comprehend the magnitude of this mission considering it took seven years of travel time....
That really is amazing. Are the rings made out of ice ? I think our Solar System is fascinating, there seems to be so much we don't know or at least I don't :wink: i read that they believe that Europa has oceans and just might have some life living underneath. :ohmy: I can't wait for more pictures of Saturn.
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The thing that always depresses me when I see this sort of thing is that there is so much to see and discover in the universe, and which providing we don't destroy our planet in the next few decades humans should see someday, but we won't be around to see any of it... :(
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