Nov. 24th, 2015 - Dublin, Ireland - 3Arena

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I'll be there on 24th November. Arriving on Monday for some U2-related sightseeing in Dublin, concert on Tuesday, leaving on Wednesday afternoon.
It will be my 10th U2-gig since my first one on the Popmart tour when I was a 10 years old little boy. Really looking forward to finally see them in their hometown!
I'll be there for the first 2 shows, arriving on Sunday, 22nd and leaving on Thursday, 26th. Any meet-ups planned for one of those days?
Hope to see you all

Guys mjk40 here from we are playing 3 free shows on 26th 27th 28th big fan meet up in the church bar after show party with give away tee shirts and drink promos,
once you finish in the 3 arena come along. did i say its free in and its on the tram line from the 3 arena. i hope to see you guys there, we are doing a zoo tv special and an achtung baby night as well.
I'm going to the Tuesday gig and just to make sure the stage time for all gigs is 8.30pm? said 8.30pm while I saw someone on Facebook say they start at 8pm.
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