METEOR STORM!!! North America: early morning Sunday, Nov. 18

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Jan 17, 2001
The Leonid meteor shower peaks early Sunday morning, Nov. 18, best viewed between midnight and dawn. If you are able to get away from bright city lights, the show is forecast to be spectacular this year, with possibly 3000 meteors (shooting stars) per hour. It's truly an awesome sight if you get to see it!

Check this website for more info on viewing:

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I'm looking forward to this!

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I usually view this one every year, along with the Perseid shower.
I can never get away from the city lights, but i can always still see a few of them. So itll still be cool.

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No city lights, no leonid shower on view either; 100%cloud cover. Hope you have better luck over/up there. We did have spectacular lightening all night, but still...I missed it.
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I saw it beautifully, see what I wrote in the other thread...I've never watched anything quite like that before.

Of course, still being more or less in the city (though at a dark golf course) I only saw a few a minute. I did wonder what it would be like hundreds of miles from cities--the sky raining meteors? What I saw was quite spectacular enough for me, though.

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We had too much fog to see anything.

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Lucky I work the night shift for once... I was able to see some of it. I'm smack in the middle of Boston, but on the 1oth floor with a great view of the skyline. With the lights and everything though... I saw 9 shooters ...

Someone posed a good question though... can you wish on them if you know ahead of time that they're coming??

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