LOL!!!! Yo CAT!!!!! Check out this sexy pics of Sparky lad!!!!!

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ONE love, blood, life
May 24, 2001
Angie Jolie lover from Belfast Norn Ireland. I LO

*faints* - Adam Connory
when was that one taken???

"The bass player's got it. The bass player's fucking got it." Bono, Boston 6-9-01

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Geez!! I just wanted to post this Pict to Suzie!

Orb?jt ohne cukker :p

Bono is a BOD, and U2...
Jaysus! Madie, you're my heroine!!!! Isn't he adorable? He's my only ORB?JT!! I don't want any other!

LeMon, biztos vagy benne hogy ohne zucker? LOL Baby Bushy!!! LMAO

Cheers for the daily fix!

"A giraffe. Why? 'Cos then you'd meet other giraffes." - Adam
"I believe in love, love and money! I believe in poetry, electricity, cheap cosmetics. I believe in the sky over my head, and the silver shoes beneath my feet. I have a vision! I have a vision! Television!" - The Mirrorball Man
"My real name is Johnny Carson, but I just didn't think that would get me on the show." - Edge in 1981
"I sometimes get the odd twinge that I wouldn't mind playing lead guitar, just like a couple of notes, but that's about as near as I would want to get to the front." - Larry

its very 'Im-here-and-may-be-quite-tired-but-if-I-stick-a-feg-in-me-gob-I-can-look-quite-sexy-while-signing' - Madie on one of the pics of Sparky
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