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ONE love, blood, life
Feb 18, 2002
York, UK and Singapore
Merry Christmas, to Ashton Kutcher,
Merry Christmas, send him to the butchers
Merry Christmas, to Dennis Bergkamp,
Merry Christmas, I bought you a smurf lamp
Merry Christmas, to the one and only Bono,
Merry Christmas, please duet with Yoko Ono
Merry Christmas, to Wilko England's Hero,
Merry Christmas, but drop goals should count for zero
Merry Christmas, to all the Dutchmen in Holland,
Merry Christmas, have a CD by Marc Bolan
Merry Christmas, Christmas
Merry Christmas, you don't really rhyme with anything
Merry Christmas, I had a dream last night but I quite forget what it was.

Oh well. I tried.
I celebrated with them for a week

I'm genuinely sick of the rugby though, considering it's mostly RWC highlights (including Gordan Bray's 'oooh, Wilson's (sic) lining up)! I'll probably start enjoying the Six Nations when it rolls around.

Rugby, by the way, is otherwise known as

'Gridiron With Backward Passing'
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