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but this thread makes your head hurt....

this is my greatest, most favoritist post ever.

And this is what I get in return. :grumpy:
I didn't mean you links made my head hurt ... i found them delightful ...

The ugly turn the thread has taken makes my head hurt ...

Wait ... all IO threads end up taking an ugly turn somewhere ...

I :heart: IO

Pretty please put me back on speed dial ... :sexywink: :flirt:
Jeff and I have walkie talkies so we can talk anytime.
he's doesn't have to dial....just pust the button and start the yappin.
Over and Out.
Breaker Breaker.
Angela Harlem said:
z one R
I ha ve
y o u R
s MI l ie s


hahaha this looks mad in quote...
i was thinking of this post a little while ago. freaky, no? anyways, it is my best post ever.



i want to make this my avatar.
That is my favorite angieO'Harlem reply ever! :cute: :hug: :heart: :love:

And that's saying A LOT!!!!!

I just know it took just as long for you to do that as it took me to make the original smilie post
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