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Kieran McConville said:
I don't want to play, Ronnie. I don't know where your thing has been. With whom, or should that be what.

Oh don't worry, the old boy has got his assets quite well protected. That's what all the finger condoms are for...

i asked my parents and brother if they were interested in a donor kebab for supper tonite. unfortunately they said no, and i was forced to knock them out to get their delicous organs.

im just doing the ronald.
Hidey-ho boys and girls!!!

Take a dive and take a ride, it's all the same to your Uncle Ronnie! Do the freaking Ronald today, for your chance to win a year's supply of donor kebabs! Fresh from the airport to your plate, a true taste sensation as enjoyed by the Ottoman emperors!

Now featuring more purple than ever before!
Purple is the new black and blue

Ronnie -

Long time listener, first time caller.

I see one of your burgerbuddies posting around her: Jack in the Box.

What are your feelings on this?

I'll hang up and listen.
Try Unca Ronnie's Pukka Purple Pizza... just like you always wanted it!

K - I'm too lazy to read this from the beginning. :|

The big question: How *do* you do the Ronald? :scratch:

Visual aids such as Paint pictures would be most helpful :up:
Some folks like the nightlife
and some folks dig the bright lights
but Uncle Ronnie likes the sweet meats
So crawl on by for a special treat

Drive through and flip a burger or two
Shake hands with the man in yellow!
Pukka Purple Pizza for everyone!!
What more could you ask from childhood!

Kids love me cause I give them the stuff they want! I'm an icon!

My hand stretches across the known world, a great white glove full of creamy goodness!! Nowhere to run baby, and nowhere to hide!!

Do the christalmighty RONALD!!
The Ronald Translator is broken...

Instead of sounding like the drive-thru intercom, he sounds like he's talking out of his ass. The Bunghole Orator he is.

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