Discotheque effects?

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Jul 9, 2011
Anyone know what Edge might have used on the live versions of Discotheque (PopMart)? I'm hearing three sounds in the song:

1. Octave Down -> Drive (Main Riff/ Chorus - octave off for chorus)

2. Delay -> Shimmer (Bridge)

3. Filter -> Fuzz (Outro)

I know he used the Eventide H3000 for the octave effect on "Preset 1", but the overdrive sound is quite unique - very broken-up sounding. Doesn't sound like an OD-2 or SD-1, so what could it be? EHX Hot Tubes, or something from one of the rack units?

For "Preset 3", I have no idea - is this an envelope filter into a Lovetone Big Cheese? The filter sounds like its controlled manually, but doesn't sound like a regular wah. Any ideas? Can the A3 or one of the Digitech Rack units produce such a filter effect?
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