Desert Island VIII Master List, Part Four

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Sooooo 9pm EST in the US on the 9th?

If someone wants to tell poor old cobbler what that corresponds to in Melbourne, I'd be quite grateful.
as I'm wrapping this up whether I hear from you or not.

ya that's what i'm saying, go ahead and do that. they came out all fucked up. :sigh: i can't compare the apples and oranges that are everyone's playlists.
IWB, the rankings were hard for everyone. My #5-#8 playlists were near equals. I am not trying to pressure you but we delayed this thing twice and it seems silly to have waited for nothing. Are you sure that you can't form some sort of rankings?
While I think IWB could have submitted rankings still, if she's not comfortable doing it at this point, I'm not going to harp on it. Based upon her feedback in the threads, I don't think it will change the Top 3, despite how close it is.
I'm looking forward to the unveiling of the results. That will occur around 3 AM my time, so I'll need to join the party later.
I'm usually a denizen of the Central Time Zone, but I'm currently on a research trip in London. I thought that this would be wrapped up by the time that I left the States. :wink:

Really great beer here, by the way. :shifty:
I'm going to launch the Results Thread now, so this thread can fall away and discussion can be focused to one place throughout the night. Then the results will commence later tonight.
Just realised trawling through responses to my list that I never posted my responses to these three. It would be remiss of me not to do so after I did for everyone else!

cib - I didn't have nearly as big a problem with your flow as everyone else seemed to. In fact I thought the first six tracks all went pretty well together. It was a bit off in places, but not as bad as others said, at least in my opinion. I liked quite a few of the songs (and before you ask, yes, I liked the Kut U Up track, would have liked it much more with better vocals, lyrics and band name) but at times I felt like I was listening to the classic rock station, which irked me a bit. Blinded By The Light is the first track I've ever skipped in DI. Overall though a pretty good job you did!

Ax - Tremendous job! Your flow was impeccable and I especially loved how well you transitioned from one sound to the next, some jangle pop type stuff, chillwave, more moody stuff, it was great. I really can't say more because I can't single out anything, it all went so well together. I will say though that Blessa --> Feel it all Around was such a good transition it almost turned me on a bit.

Andrew - your list was my #1. Flow was just perfect - I seriously couldn't pick out one transition or sections of songs which didn't work, something that I've only been able to say about Cassie's di7 list. It was just one good song after the other. Tracks 34 thru 39 are the only ones I didn't really like. Great job. I'd love to hear what you thought of mine.

And the Starflyer 59 track was pretty good. ;)
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