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Oct 15, 2003
Wicked cold Vermont
Got bowie tickets for tomorrow...I am so worried it will be cancelled....he's cancelled every show up until today becasue he has the flu:yikes: They are hopeful he will go on tomorrow...I am so excited!!!!:dance:
Have a great time! I missed Bowie, tix were too expensive this year. But I?ve seen him twice. Try to get to the front. You can feel his energy.
I am still keeping my fingers crossed he doesnt' cancel...this will be my first bowie concert.....I think we have actual seats so I dont think I can make it too the front without getting caught...but I could always try:wink:
Get Well Soon David Bowie
Good luck northeast..I couldn't begin to describe how disappointed I'd be if I had tickets to see him and the show was cancelled. Tours must really be arduous for a performer, the voice can be such a strong instrument, but so vulnerable.
Come back and tell us about the show....please?
I hope he gets well soon and you get to go. I had front row tickets to Def Leppard in '88 and the show got cancelled and was never rescheduled.:grumpy:
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