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Jul 25, 2000
Smile, you're reading my post
u should all listen to faithless -insomnia (darkboy 2002 trance dub mix)

dancey trancey kids..who are your faves and what are u listneing to at the mo?

chemical brothers
i like a lot of the gatecrasher stuff
paul van dyk

I've only just discovered my liking for beers and dance, so I'm a novice. Basically, any band in a pub/place that has a decent beat would get me shaking. You wouldn't want to see me dance, though, I sorta dance like that nerdy chick from the Scooby cartoons. You know, how she wags her index finger about...

i don't mind some of umm forgot his name ummm is it ltj bookem or somthin like that. i tink he is a pom

most of tha dance music thay play on the j's is good atm far better than nova and 2day. the artist doing live at the wirles 2day was good
Good dance music is awesome. I saw the Chem's a few years back and they were very cool.

zooropamanda said:
chemical brothers

I love dance music that opens up to the odd collaboration here and there..the Richard Ashcroft/Chemical Brothers collaboration for the song The Test springs to mind...great song
I :heart: the Chemical Brothers...I have Dig your own Hole and Surrender. Daft Punk is also great for dancing....I have Homework but I don't have their latest. (Though I have some mp3s). I also like this Montreal dj (but she's world reknowned) named Misstress Barbara, but she's more of hard techno DJ. Her albums are called Relentless Beats.

Misstress Barbara:



I need to go :dance:.
Usually it's trance, breakbeat, or house to get me pumped up before I go out. And to chill out, I usually listen to ambient or trip-hop.

BTW- anyone else here getting into DJ Tiesto? He's kinda new to the mainstream, but he's a f---king GENIUS!:dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:
I luuuuuuuurve electronic music:drool:

Trance and ambient are my faves, but lately I have also been getting into a bit of break beat stuff aswell, my continuing faves are,

ATB- especially the MOS Clubbers guide to trance that he mixed
The Orb
Faithless- God is a Dj is seriosuly one of the best songs to listen to really, really loud through a wicked sound system
Paul Van Dyk
Sasha and John Digweed- the Renaissance cd's they brought out a few years back are great

and the stuff I cant get enough of lately is,

all of Kosheen's 'Resist' album
Chemical Brother's songs 'the test' and 'my elastic eye'
a remix of Kraftwerk's 'Expo 2000' done by Orbital:)
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