Bono in France

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This is where I found this picture. Get a load of the wrong info.
Don't get Vertigo up there! Bono gets a lift from his high heels| Showbiz | This is London

Also pix are on VIP Ireland too. Can someone get the larger pix?



Talk about mixing your facts up! Did you notice that they correctly said it was Eve in the above pic with Bono and Ali but then in the text they wrote it was Jordan! :huh:

And I've never understood why the press or anyone make such a fuss about Bono wearing high-heeled or platform shoes? It doesn't necessarily have to be coz he wants to make himself seem taller, and even if it is, then so what?! :shrug: Hardly news worthy story, not even for a gossip column! :yawn:
^ How do you see these pictures? I only get to the front page where they have all the sets, but when I click on the Bono&Ali set or picture, nothing happens, I'm always re-directed to the frontpage. :huh:
I don't know if this will help you with ripping it, but I at least got it saved into Real Player.

Yes, me too, but it's an mp4 file and Real Player doesn't play it. However, it works in Quick Time. If someone's interested, I could upload it later today.

Couldn't rip the pictures from that page, some of them are very nice.
I think I've been looking at this thread too much.

Last night I dreamt that I was in here looking at photos of Bono and his family in France, and there was a picture of Bono and his sons in a huge swimming pool, inside this big white inflatable/foam pool raft that was supposed to look like a lifesize car/boat thing. And I commented on the thread that if I'd been there and seen him, I would've started going "We all live in a white submarine! We all live in a white submarine!"

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