ATTN QUEBECERS : Musique Plus will be showing Elevation Live in Boston TONIGHT

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Thanks for letting us know, I had no idea.

For those Canadians with Digital Cable, we will be able to watch it as MusiquePlus is part of the channels in the free preview until January.

It it Rogers Channel 503 here in the Toronto Area and the concert is listed as going on from 8:30 - 10:30 are repeating again overnight.

Part of me doesn't want to watch it as I wanted to experience on DVD the first time on the 4th.

But I don't think I will be able to resist.
goddamn university take home exams!&*%^$#%#$^

oh well classes end dec 3rd up here so the first day of christmas break will i be studying for exams?
NO i'll be at future shop at 10 and then back home to watch it on the good tv.

Kobayashi's bizarre use of colour, superfast editing and extreme camera angles, coupled with a hilariously deadpan performance by Toshiro Takemitsu as the inspector who discovers a whole family of ghosts travelling without valid tickets, remains without peer.
Woohoo! Merci Infiniment Naya!

That was great!
I read your post at 8h38pm and scooted downstairs to get the rest of it!!

That definitely made my night! (although I sacrificed writing my paper for it!)
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