(09-19-2002) Sixpence None The Richer Supports Bono's DATA Initiative - LAUNCH

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NEWS - Sixpence None The Richer Lends Support To Bono's DATA Initiative


(9/19/02, 10 a.m. ET) -- Sixpence None The Richer has announced that it will be one of the first bands to publicly sponsor U2's Bono in his Debt, AIDS, And Trade For Africa (DATA) initiative. The members of Sixpence will include a paragraph about DATA with sponsorship information in the liner notes of their upcoming album, Divine Discontent, due out October 29.

DATA is a new non-profit organization that aims to create awareness about the crisis of unpayable debts. It also focuses on the urgent need for more and better foreign development assistance, especially to fight AIDS. In addition, DATA collaborates with existing organizations that are currently working on these issues.

"Seeing the devastation caused by the AIDS virus in Africa, as well as the seemingly unending debt that continues to drive the African government to plunder its natural resources for more interest payments, compels one to speak up and advocate the need for all citizens of the world to unite in helping Africa," said Sixpence guitarist Matt Slocum.

Slocum added, "Please visit datadata.org to see how you can join Bono's DATA organization to help advocate debt relief and raise awareness of the current epidemic of AIDS that is threatening to wipe out an entire generation of Africans." For more information on DATA, please visit http://datadata.org or http://jubileeusa.org.

-- Jason Gelman, New York

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