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Sep 22, 2001
new york city

Golden Globes Curse Word a New Low?
By David Brody, Washington, D.C., correspondent

Expletives are winding up in prime-time TV. Why?

The Parents Television Council is criticizing NBC after the network failed to bleep out an expletive from its broadcast of the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday evening. It happened when rock musician Bono gave his acceptance speech.

When networks broadcast live shows like the Golden Globes, there typically is a delay system in place to avoid any bad language. But NBC said that night they didn't have it on. Melissa Caldwell, from the Parents Television Council, wonders if we're beginning to hit a new low.

"Nowadays, some of the worst content is appearing during that eight o'clock hour, and that family hour is becoming increasingly hostile to family audiences," Caldwell said.

She wants to see something done. It's the job of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to enforce TV decency standards, but years of letter writing and e-mail campaigns have yielded no results, according to Caldwell. So, she said a next step is needed.

"I think maybe it's time to start calling some of the congressional committees that have oversight over the FCC and encouraging them to hold some hearings and see why the FCC is not doing the job that it is charged with."

That would be good news to Bill Johnson, president of the American Decency Association. He doesn't know if the NBC incident was a mistake or intentional, but he's sure of one thing: "Little by little, as they test new ground and they're able to get away with further lows, then that low will not satisfy them. They'll push for another new level of degradation ? profanity (or) obscenity."

NBC has not responded to PTC's complaint yet.

The FCC has also been criticized in recent months for failing to enforce indecency and obscenity standards on other issues, such as the airing of "The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show" on ABC in 2001 and CBS in 2002.

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madamc said:
Like parents never swear in front of their children :rolleyes:

Yeah, right. My niece in Italy had a t-shirt with that word on it. She didn't think it was a big deal. We did tell her not to wear it in the States because it wouldn't go over well. But so what?
Who cares

Who the f*** cares about the American Decency Association (oops). People will forget about this in a day, and all the petty whining will be a waste of "decent" people's time. Move on and address issues that are more relevant than an explitive that only aired on one time zone late at night.

Bite me.
madamc said:
Like parents never swear in front of their children :rolleyes:

Really, no kidding.

Bono said the f-word once. *Gasp* Oh, my god!

A, like kids have never heard that word before,

B, Bono wasn't even using it in an offensive manner...that was just his own way of saying he was really happy U2 had won

C, it's just a freakin' word! It's only offensive if you let it be.

My goodness...:tsk:.

It's groups like that parents one that bug the hell out of me. Excuse me...but when did they feel they had the right to sit there and dictate what is appropriate for everyone to hear? Maybe the f-word offends them, but to other people, they don't really give a crap when they hear it. It doesn't faze them.

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