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August 31
Gettin' hot in a photobooth....livin it up in Ikea
Just another ever suffering student (currently in limbo)
Favorite U2 Album
Achtung Baby!
Favorite U2 Song
Depends on what day you ask me.
Favorite U2 band members
Bono *sigh*...but honestly, I love em all.
I was introduced to U2 by
Beautiful Day..a song that inspired an art project
U2 shows I've seen
My first ♥ TO3 [Vertigo Tour]
My first tryst with The Claw...TO2
Have you met U2?
Yes, I was lucky enough to have a brief encounter and even physical contact! Jealous?
Propaganda member?
Other Bands
Some people *coughtrecough* believe I only listen to U2. Tisn't true, but no matter who I list here, he won't believe me. :p


I'm not cheap and easy,
I'm difficult and supremely expensive,
i fart diamonds...and poop rainbows!

Wants: 2 GA (Update: I may only need 1 GA now) for Toronto. Plz :panic:
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