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the little stranger pt 8

(Two months later)
For Karen the time had flew in, she was kept busy looking after little Katie, which was turning out to be more of a 24 hour a day job than she had first realised.. not that she minded she was enjoying her job, she had spent the last few weeks consulting with Liv about decorating Katie's nursery.

She was starting to get used to her new job in other ways too, she was learning not to gawp at the famous faces that popped in when Bono was around, she had met the rest of the other members of U2, and had made good friends with the other household staff. She was beginning to feel like part of the family, even though she always kept herself discreetly in the background when Bono had a party or friends over. Karen had become particulary close to Liv and had got to know her husband Sean and her two children Craig who was seven and Jenna who was four when they came around to the house
they now made a beeline for Karen who always found amusing ways of keeping them occupied with games and playing with them.

"If Bono didnt need you so much.. I would hire you myself" Liv confessed to her one day as they sat in a small cafe having lunch "You are great with the kids"

"I think its cause I still feel like one myself at times" Karen laughed

"I know a few people like that" Liv grinned "Your employer being one of them"

"Who, Bono?.. he's great" Karen replied smiling "And he does seem to have the energy of a three year old kid.. he is always rushing around from one place to another and never seems to stop and can't stay still"

"Yeah" Liv sighed, "lately he has got worse.. and it worries me"

"How do you mean?" Karen couldn't help asking as far as far as she could see Bono seemed to having a great time

Liv shook her head "Oh nothing really" As much as she had come to get close to Karen and trusted her.. she knew Bono was a very private person and wouldnt appreciate her discussing his personal life with his child's nanny.

But things had been troubling her lately espicially from last weekend whilst she had been watching her husband Sean with the kids.

Sean was a great man. despite the fact he had a demanding Job as an executive in a record company, he never put work before his family and always had time for them.. Olivia felt very blessed, but then it had made her think about Bono and his relationship with his daughter Katie... she knew Bono loved his daughter and was very protective of her.. yet he was always so busy with his career.. sometimes she felt he was delibertly concentrating on this side of his life.. because he was still having problems facing up to fatherhood, and was trying to avoid it.

She decided to find out if her theory was correct now by approaching Karen on the subject.
"Tell me, how much time does Bono spend with Katie?" she asked

Thinking about it for a few minutes Karen realised that it was not a lot, but she didnt want to be disloyal to her new employer and wasn't sure how to answer.

"Well when he is at home, he always makes sure he is around for her bedtime to give her a goodnight kiss" she then finally spoke up
"When he is around.. which is not really often if I am right?" Liv then remarked

Karen shifted uneasily "I guess he is a very busy man, and I guess he can't help it"

Liv smiled "Its alright I am not condemning him or judging him.. I would never do that.. I just need to know the situation because I want to help him"

"Oh" Karen replied

"Yes, Katie is six months old and she is more aware of people around her... I just need to make her father realise he should be more in her life" Liv sat forward in her seat "You as her nanny must see that Bono need to bond a little more with his daughter at this early stage in her life.. or he might end up regretting it later on in his life"

"I guess you have a point... but how are you going to go about doing it?" Karen asked with a frown of concern
"I will do what I always do with him" Liv grinned "Be straight with him"

Liv knew she hadn't much time to tackle Bono He would be of soon on a four month tour in America after the sucess of their latest album, he was hard to pin down but she finally got him on over the cell phone and asked him to meet her, she needed to talk to him urgently. she didnt tell him what it was about which got his curiosity up more that he agreed to meet her at her home.
When she offered him tea or coffee he give her a look

"Ok what have I done?"

Liv eyes widened "what do you mean?"

"You invite me over here saying its urgent, then tell me to make myself comfortable, offer me tea or coffee... I know there is something up, so lets drop the formalities and get it over with" Bono replied

Liv laughed Well ok....its not about something you have done.. more like something that you haven't done"

"Well that must be a first" he retorted dryly

"Actually its about Katie" Liv then said

Bono frowned "What do you mean. she is ok isnt she?"

"Yes she is great" Liv hurriedly reassured him "I am referring tou your relationship with her"

Bono just stared at her blankily

Liv took a deep breath "Look I know you have been real busy lately with the promoting the album and planning your next tour and you are under a lot of pressure.. and I worry about you, thats why I wanted to talk to you I just want to help so I don't want you taking this the wrong way"

Bona sat back in the armchair "Ok.. I will try not to" he wished Liv would hurry up and get to the point, though he had an idea where this was going.

"In a few weeks time you will be gone for at least four months while you are touring America, when you get back Katie will amost be one year old"

"Yeah.. but its not like I am am not making sure she is well cared for she has you and Karen and I will keep in touch by phone" Bono pointed out

"Yes she has us.. but you are her father" Liv replied

"What is that suppose to mean I know I am her father" Bono frowned

"Bono you missed the first three months of Katies life..that couldnt be helped, but how much time have you spent with her from you have brought her back?"

Bono was silent for a moment, not really wanting to reply "I have had a lot to deal with, but I always made sure she was well looked after" he finished defensively

"I know that" Liv's tone was softening "I am not critizing you, I am just trying to make you see that you have an important part to play in her life"

"But she is still so young she is hardly going to notice me around one way or the other" Bono then pointed out

"Yes she is Bono, don't try and convince yourself any different" Liv said quietly yet meaningfully.

Bono rubbed a hand over his face tiredly, "This has been hard on me Liv.. I mean most men at least have six or seven months to prepare for becoming a father before the actual event happens.. I didnt have a clue, one minute she didnt exist the next she is part of my life, and sometimes I just feel so overwhelmed thinking about it, that I am responsible for that little girl, what if I screw up? It makes me want to run a mile"

"I know, and I understand" Liv told him "But I just want you not to waste this time.. they grow up so quick, one day you will look back and find yourself regretting missing out on parts of her life"

"What am I going to do Liv? how do I do the right thing?" Bono asked his blue eyes filled with helplessness.

"You still got two weeks before the tour starts.. just make time for your daughter, spend it with her.. get to know her, let her get to know you.. believe me it isn't as scary as you think it is" she assured him "and having that close bond with your child is one of the most rewarding things you can experience.. I don't want you or Katie to miss out on that"

Bono seem to digest what Liv was saying.. it did make sense. he found himself reluctantly admitting, he thought of his own relationship with his father.. how he had always wished they had been closer, the thought that Katie could one day feel like he did give him a jolt.

"Gawd Liv sometimes I* hate you" Bono said goodhumouredly "because you are always so bloody right"

has had some fun ideas about Bono becoming a doting dad hope they come out as good on written word as they are in my head


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go bono!

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Yay for Liv talking some sense into him. I particularly liked how you pointed out the relationship between Bono and his father to prove that he didn't want that to happen to him and his daughter. That's a good enough reason.

This story's really getting more and more interesting. And now with Karen entering the picture, it'll be interesting to see what else happens. Definitely looking forward to more.

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