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out of control pt 2

disclaimer...Soooo not true


Getting Angie up into his bedroom without his father finding out had been one thing, getting her out the next morning was turning out to be something that rivalled something from mission impossible.

Bono’s father was an early riser, so when Bono woke up to the not unpleasant sensation of Angie lightly tickling his cheek with her lips he wasn’t really thinking about the situation he was in, until he realised the time and he knew his father was probably up out of his bed and down the stairs.

There was no way Angie could sneak down the stairs and through the front door without his dad knowing about it.

It didn’t help that Angie thought it would be amusing to walk down the stairs with Bono and see the look on his old man’s face. Bono wanted her away before she could carry out such plan

Then he remembered the bathroom window, she could climb out the bathroom window onto the shed roof which would lead her onto the backyard wall which was not too high, from there she could jump down and it would lead her onto the back alleyway and onto the main street, Bono had often used it as a quick escape route as a child when he wanted to sneak out.

Making sure his father was safely down the stairs, Bono rushed Angie into the bathroom, she seem to be enjoying the whole thing, rising his anxiety more as she insisted she had to pee before she went and made him stand waiting outside sweating it for almost 15 minutes before she unlocked the door again.

“You really have to go now” Bono replied “You will be safe enough climbing through the window onto the shed roof it is not much of a drop I will help you”

“That’s very chivalrous of you” Angie replied putting her arms around his neck and kissing him, but he pulled away not wanting the distraction.

“I’ll catchya later. He then told her hurriedly, “Come down to the rec hall, if you want… me and the guys will be of practising a few new songs we want to try, you can listen in

“Sure thing” Angie replied then got close up to him again kissing him on the cheek “If your performance was as good as it was with me last night, I can’t wait” she breathed into his ear

Despite the fact he was anxious she was safely away, Bono felt the heat flush through his body, and grinned, “I will do my best”

She chuckled, then finally agreed to let him help her through the small bathroom window, she squeezed through it feet first, hanging onto the window ledge Bono holding onto her arm still she told him it was safe to let her go… she made the short drop onto the shed roof and told Bono to throw her boots down to her.

He gingerly obeyed, relieved that she caught them, and with his head stuck out the bathroom window he watched as she then walked across the shed room, took a small leap onto the backyard wall, then from there jumped onto the ground below into the alleyway.

She looked up and blew him a kiss and waved, mouthing that she would catch him later.
Then she bent down to put on her boots before hurrying down the alleyway.

Only when she was out of site did Bono dare breath easy and come away from the bathroom window… thinking into himself it had been quite a night, and Angie was turning out to be quite a girl.

“You are looking well pleased with yerself” Larry remarked a few hours later as Bono met up with him and Adam.

“Well why shouldn’t I be? Everything is great in the world” Bono replied unable to hide a certain amount of smugness.

Larry nudged Adam “Guess it went well last night when he and Angie took themselves of together”

“You guessed right” Bono replied and proceeded to give them a detailed account of what had happened the night before with Angie, whether they wanted to hear about it or not embellishing the story a little further in a dramatic style about how close they were getting caught by his father

Larry and Adam listened in bemusement, realising that this was one tale Bono was going to be telling for a while.


The recreation hall was a rather rundown building where the local youths when it rained and it was too wet to hang around the streets, was used to play a game of table tennis or darts or listen to records on the ancient record player perched in the corner.

Bono and others had taken over a little room at the back to use as a place where they could practise on their music, which was what they were doing now, rehearsing to a crowd of friends who crammed into the room with them to listen.

Bono was keeping a look out for Angie; he was beginning to think she wasn’t going to come when she strolled through the door, hard to miss dressed her hands in the pockets of her bright green tie dyed jeans and dark slashed neck top.

Most of those in the room knew her, whilst the young men seem to greet her in friendly terms, the females in the room remained distant, and much preferred standing around in their own little cliques eyeing her up and down and whispering about her when they thought she didn’t notice

They didn’t realise she was quite aware of them… but chose not to care, she was not one of them, and she did not want to be one of them, and made no attempt to get friendly or in with them.

She made her way to the front where Bono was practising with the others on his guitar, and gave him a little wave.
He grinned and nodded back, unable to talk to her until the song was finished

It was hard for him to concentrate on what he was doing, but he was also using it as an opportunity to show of in front of Angie, wanting to keep her full attention, he kept shooting her little glances

But then he noticed she happen to glance around the room, and spot a tall fair-haired young man in his early twenties who Bono recognised as Mickey Black, who had just casually sauntered in and stood leaning against the doorway.

Bono was a little disconcerted to see her now making her way to where Mickey stood.

Mickey Black was a shady character, had a reputation for being involved in crime and drugs in the area, not someone Bono wanted to mix with, which why he was uneasy as he watched
Angie standing chatting and laughing with him as if they were old friends

“For Feck sake Bono will you pay attention to what you are doing… you are playing like shit” Edge growled as the song came to an end and brought Bono’s attention back to what he should have been doing.

“Sorry” Bono muttered a half hearted apology, he was still too occupied watching Angie with Mickey, wondering what they were up to and not liking it one bit.

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I'm enjoying your story!

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Great story! Hope to see the next bit up soon!
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