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Lemon - Chapter 13 (its gettin' hot in here!! lol)

Chapter 12

Later that night, Bono plays Half Drunk Tour Guide for almost 2 hours.. showing Jeannie around Dublin. ;-) .. Having the time of their life and Bono telling stories of growing up there, and stories about each place.
"You have a little story for everything!", she gleams... watching the cheerful, playful little boy smile on his face.
"Oh yes I do, indeed." he grins some more.. "I could go on forever. I love this place. Its weird though.. coming back after being on tour for 2 years straight all the time.. even though nothing will have changed at all.. upon coming back theres always a new perspective on it. But, it also keeps your grounded. Thats why I decided to stay here instead of.. permanently moving to.. Switzerland, or.. Italy.. or something like that. Even with the bad memories.. this place IS what made me what I am, this is my true home. It, and the people, keep me from losing my head. As for literally.. misplacing my head.. I am sure that'll happen one day. (laughs), I'm always losin' my shit."

"Hmm, like you misplaced your sunglasses 3 times already in a span of 5 hours", Jeannie teases.

"Exactly!", he laughs.

"This place is absolutely beautiful. I'd always felt a connection to this place.. and had never even been here before. Maybe its gotta do with my Irish blood, but there a spirit about it, which.. well... i've never experienced in the States. We're rotten old burger eatin' pissy farts", Jeannie laughs.

"Yep, this place has something, very spiritual and.. real about it..."

"It'd be hard to lose yourself or sense of reality in a place like this. So much history and closeness... "

"That's our Good ol' Ireland for ya", he smiles.

There's a silence for a while, as they walk through the park where they first met again since the dream....
She reaches for his hand again as they stroll down the way, speaking without words for a moment.

"So, this is the place...", she says, smiling... looking down at the stone trail.

She takes a peak and notices the biggest grin on his face...

"It's weird.. I almost didn't stop by through here that night...", he said... reflecting.

The thought of that possibility made her heart sink.

"It was weird.. something just told me to come by here... and I needed to clear my head. I wonder if we still would have found eachother some other way if not for here...", he finished.

"For some odd reason... I really feel we would have found eachother either way.." she added... still looking down at the trail.

He smiled.. "Its not odd at all.."

Again, a little silence.. but a happy one... the closeness of eachother.. walking in this fateful place.... just.. reflecting at what is, and what could have sadly not been.



"I just want to thankyou.." she starts, but then cuts herself off... pondering at thinking what shes about to say is weird...

"Thankyou for what?" he said squeezing her hand.. in a comforting, sweet way... giving her that gentle sweet smile that always made her feel so good inside.

"Thankyou for everything... for being so kind.. and just... being you.. and.."
she realized she was probably gonna sound stupid... she thoght she had a habit of saying shit and not making sense, or confusing the other person. lol.

He sat them down on a park bench.... overlooking this beautiful garden....
He looked her in the eyes. His eyes that just said.. "You can tell me anything, dont worry..", which.. was making it worse. lol.

"For just making me so damn happy, Bono...", she said.. feeling a bit emotional. god, she hated when she got this way. lol.

"It isn't about who you are, in this band... or what you do... or that i'm soon to be a part of that. I love you, for you."

She looks to his face for his reaction...
Its trustful... and understanding...still piercing her eyes with his...
"Don't worry about that, love. I know you do. I dont ever doubt what you say.. or feel.", he wished her could convince her of that.

"You could dump your band, give up all of your money, give up everything.. or never even had it at all to begin with.. and I'd still feel the same for you. As long as its you... thats all that counts to me..", she said.
That was one of the things he loved so much about her. was.. just that.

"You've shown me a type of thing that I've never been shown by anyone. I've never felt so loved by anyone. I know.. that sounds sad. There's a lot of dark places in my world.. which I've told you a lot of.. and i rarely ever tell people about myself. You've made me feel like I can, with you... and being with you heals that pain. Even before we ever met, just hearing your voice, would take it all away, and feel at peace." she says... feeling like shes about to cry and pissed at herself for being too freekin' emotional.

He takes both her hands in his... holding her in close. she made him feel so good inside.... he just wished he could convince her, that he didn't ever doubt what she felt or said.
"You do the same for me, Jeannie. More than anything or anyone ever has..."

"Not even Edge?" she jokes, trying to lighten the situation..

"Hahaha.. not even that big ol' headed beanie wearin' little bastard. Well he does give good kisses for a guy...", he laughs... kissing her head.

"Being here with you, I reflect at things that happened in my life, growing up. I used to hang around this park sometimes.. as a kid.. when I'd be going through something fucked up.. just to get away. Usually to get away from myself.. or my dad, or brother.
It always made me feel better being here for some reason. My mum used to take me for walks here and to just burn off energy when I was a little lad"... he reflectively thinks out loud.

"Your mom sounded like such a beautiful person... and that she loved you very very much..."

"Yup. She was. I miss her a lot, too. I don't really talk about it with anyone.. but I feel her presence here a lot..."

Jeannie finds herself with tears in her eyes. The pain in his soul, she wanted to comfort, so badly. She hugs him.... feeling his soul give off such warmth into hers at that moment and he felt hers melt into him... as they then snuggle into one another.
She wanted to take away all his pain... to make him smile. To make him happy. She'd do anything for him... and he knew that. And he for her, too.
They were healing eachother.

"Its my little safe haven here.. my home, I like to think." he says...

"Thats the type of place I've found in you. Its always felt that way to me, but now its taken on a whole... different level" she said warmly.
"Crap, that probably sounded weird..." she blurted.
"Hahaha. No...no... it didn't. Nothing you say is weird to me. Well, we're both weird (laughs), but in a good way." winking.

A man playing acoustic guitar.. walks by... playing.. looking for cash.
Bono drops the guy a $20. lol.

He smiled. "Sometimes my music is that kind of place for me, too.
I even wrote some lyrics while spending time 'round here..."

"I could feel that in your music... not that you wrote them here.. but .. well, you know what I mean. I felt your soul was in a certain 'place' ... " she added.

"Yep, I do."

"Write anything here that I know?" she asked... looking curious.

Bono smiles... "Yep.."

"The song I wrote for you lastnight.. being one of them",

She didnt know what to say...

"I feel like I have found that kind of 'home' in you..." he says... something in his eyes.. seeming different than they did a while earlier. Something... in a good way. Like a relief has been brought upon them.

"we've found home in eachother..." she adds. "I'll always be there for you, bono.. always.. never doubt that.."

he loved her so much.. and more.. every minute. he felt he could forget everything painful.. in her eyes. and the same for her.

"i dont doubt it. at all.", he said... looking into her again.

"and i'll always be there for you, jeannie. "

"its all i want. is for you to be happy."

he moves in to kiss her... all of the love of this place surrounding them.
its amazing, how both of their lives... have changed so much like this.. in just such a short little time.

the heaviness of emotions in the air was so strong. tonight.. they've risen another level.


they go back to his place for the night.
he turns on the light.

"excuse my.. erm.. mess.." he chuckles while fumbling through the table drawers looking for some candles.. to which jeannie doesnt know yet.

clothes scattered about... dead walkman batteries everywhere on his desk... (hmm, just like her with the batteries, lol), unwashed funky socks tossed about.. empty Guinness bottles everywhere... "political times" and "rolling stone" magazines mixed in with dirty socks.. LOL.
She shakes her head at how adorable this is, for some sick reason.

"Oh, its okay. I'm probably worse than you..." she says.. then picking up one of the dirty socks with a potato chip stuck to the bottom of it..
"Then again!" she laughs holding it up as he grabs it and tosses it across the room.. "who knows what kinda bacterial shit that stuff carries.." laughing.

"Hey, can I use your bathroom for a sec?" she asked.. almost afraid to find what she'd find in there too, LOL.

Bono's still looking for stuff.. and while doing that finds more potato chips.. "haha lookity here!" he laughs, almost proudly.
she loved that sense of humor about him.
"that is too precious.." she laughs, shaking her head.
he beams in a smile.. "ah! ive never had anyone think my messes were .. precious before!" jumping in and giving her a very romantic kiss on the lips for that... that literally took her breath away.

"wow" she said... as he makes a proud little grin. very macphisto-ish.
"I should be messy for often", he winks.

she almost forgot that she had to pee. lol.

"Oh shit... i forgot. the bathroom.. erm.. i think its that way... keep going there.. and its to your right..." as hes still looking for candles. lol.
"You 'think' its down that way?" she laughs in hysterics.
he starts laughing.. "Hey!! makin' fun of me, eh?"
"no! no.. no. ".. she teases.
"Thats it, you gotta be punished now.. " he says... attacking her with tickles.
devilishly ticklish she was, too.. and this was gonna mean murder. lol.


"I hardly even touched ya", he laughs.
"exactly!!! im super-sensitive, man..." she laughs.
"lets see about that" he grins... that devil smile.. tackling her to the floor.. tickling her like a madman.. as shes squirming to get away but not succeeding. lol
"See! if I keep doing this..." (as she whacks him in the face, lol...) "you'll be so exhausted.. that..." (*whack!*)... haha.. that you'll have no way to resist what i got planned for you tonight.." he smiles.. succeeding in tickling her till she gives up. lol.

"you fucking asshole!" shes going insane... "HAHA!!"

playful little psycho game here, lol.

she gives up finally. he won. lol.

out of breath they lay side by side on the floor.
"You little bastard", she laughs, holding her sides.
"I am!! and its irrestible, isnt it?" he laughs... grinning again. hes always grinning like that!! lol.

"oooooh yes it is..." she admits... smiling.. red-faced... panting.

"I am THE BEST!"

"oh yes you are, indeed.." she laughs... stroking his ego even more. lol.

"now i know how to get ya to give in to whatever i want"., he laughs.
"hey now!!! wanna lose a bodypart, man?" she threatens laughing.
"well, as long as it isnt my favorite one... erm.."
"HAHAHH!! you sick little.." before she can finish her sentence... hes taken the words out of her mouth once again... rolling ontop of her.. kissing her.
'damn'... she thought to herself.. 'is it possible to ever never ever get tired of kissing this man?' heh.

they stop for a brief moment.. looking into eachother's souls again... that speaking without words that they naturally had down so well...

he picks her up in his arms.. like a newlywed bride.. to the bedroom.. laying her on the bed as if she were the most precious thing in the entire world.
"m'lady..tonight.. i'm gonna show you things you've never even thought possible.." gleaming in his eyes... whispering into her ear.. so seductively and erotically, that it made her every nerve-ending heat up into a flame.
the grin on his face.. said it all. ;-)

(more to come soon!)

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