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It started with a dance....Chapter 7

I'm moving swift with my fanfic! I'm just getting addicted to writing it!

I hope you like it


Disclaimer:Now, none of the following is true...all of it is complete bull-poo and something to keep me busy. In the story none of the U2 lads are married or involved with anyone and I am NOT a sixteen year old girl



I’m still recovering from that mad hysteria going on outside of the airport.

Still trying to breathe steadily, and still walking with Bono holding on to me.

We’re walking through all sorts of security thingamabobs…I’ve never been to an airport in my life so I have no idea of the different processes!

Beep, beep, beep.


Edge just walked through and got beeped


“Kindly remove any articles that may trigger the device, sir.” Says the security man.

“No, problem son.” Edge answers him. Removing his jacket completely…as it would probably take hours to empty his pockets.

And he’s through.

On goes Adam…

And Larry gets through successfully too.

Now it’s my turn.

I take off my own jacket and place it next to the device.

I lose the bag.

And all other of the other things I have…just in case the same thing happens to me.

And I’m through!

I feel like doing a little victory dance, yippetydoodaa!

I think I’ll have to control myself though.

Don’t want the security to think I was a nutter.

And here comes Bono…

Straight through, no problem whatsoever.

And now its on to the hard part.

The passport part.

My stomach is churning and I start shaking nervously again.

Bono wraps his arms around me just before we go to walk through.

“Don’t worry baby, I’ll get you through….I’m good with a bribe.” He says winking at me, before letting me go.

That’s doesn’t stop me worrying though.

Yeah, ok…he’s big and famous, with enough money and everything…but this is an Airport!

One that has been expecting the world leading rock band to walk through and catch a plane….the security is bound to tight.

He walks closer to me and puts his right arm around my shoulder.

The passport man is on the left, so I assume that’s why he has done it.

We are vast approaching the little man sitting at his desk.

He’s a aging, balding man….who looks to be quite short and has definitely had a Guinness or two in his time.

Here we are….

“Passport please, sir.” He says with a smile.

I avoid looking in his direction….I don’t want to make eye contact with him.

“Here you go my man….you’ll probably know me anyway” Bono answers….God, he cant get any more cocky!

“Ah, yes sir. I recognise the face. You can never be too careful these days.”

“That’s very true, do you know just the other day…we were flying out from France. Only to come here, but we had a crazy fan trying to get on the plane with us. Quite frightening actually…it’s good to know that we are dealing with a good airport here.”

“Ah yes, one of the best might I add sir. Top notch security.”

“Always good to know….thank you for your time” Bono says, letting me go to shake the man’s hand.

“Thank you for your custom Mr. Hewson”

And we’re through!!

Bono again puts his arm around my shoulder and draws me in to kiss my head.

“I told you, didn’t I tell you we’d get through?”

“Yeah, ya did….you know how to work the charm you doncha!”

“Haha…it’s experience.”

I smile up at him and continue to walk to the plane.

“Miss!” A voice says from behind me.

I try to ignore it, believing the voice is calling somebody else.

“Miss…come back, we haven’t checked your passport!”

Now I know the voice is calling me.

“Speed up” Bono says quietly as we pick up the pace.

“Miss! We must check before you board the plane! The Police will be called!”

“Fucking run!!!!” Bono shouts as we sprint through all the planes with a mob of security passing us.

I’m so scared…this living dangerously isn’t good for me!

I can see the plane.

Bono, is clutching my hand as we run towards it.

And it’s becoming more and more into focus…

The red and black of the plane just stands out….I’d spend more time looking at it if I didn’t have this lot behind me.

Here we are!!

“Get in!” Bono shouts to me…pushing me up the stairs of the plane.

He’s behind me and so are the mob.

He gets in and the door of the plane slowly shuts automatically.

I’m in the plane!

Dodged security and now I’m in!

The other lads are already in the plane, discussing the concert still.

When Bono comes behind me..

He whisks me round and gives me a big bear hug….saying well done to me for going through all that just to go to Austria with him.

A private air-hostess comes out to tell us to put our seatbelts on…and to tell us what to do in an emergency.

I look out of the window at the security, who are running around frantically and screaming into walkie-talkies.

And we’re on the move.

I grab onto the arms of the chair.

Holding onto them so tight, like I’m holding onto my life.

Bono is the only one sitting next to me.

He covers my hand with his.

Completely enveloping it…

I have such puny hands.

“Just relax…everything’s going to be ok now.”

He squeezes my hand and I rest my head back onto the chair as we take off.

I have another moment of taking things in….
I’ve never done anything like that before, and it was so difficult too.

I need to try and remain calm.

Breathe Becky…



Seatbelt time again…

I click it in and wait for the plane to take a nosedive…back down to the ground.

I’m a little bit calmer now.

Now I’m here with Bono…

We talked endlessly while we were on that plane.

I feel like I’ve know him for years.

I’m so comfortable with him, and I’ve never been like this with any other man.

Here we go….

The nosedive…

We go skidding into the airport grounds and we have to wait a few minutes before we can exit.

The door of the aircraft slowly opens.

“Alright lads…c’mon.” Edge shouts and that’s a signal for us to get up and out.

I stand up and Bono edges out of his seat, I follow him and we begin to make our way down the stairs of the plane.

I notice a huge crowd running out of the Airport doors.

I assume that its more press coming to photograph the band.

I get ready to clutch onto Bono as we make our way through the madness.

They pick up the pace and start running towards us and I’m beginning to get scared.

Here we go….

Hang on a minute.

They’ve bi-passed Adam and Paul

What’s that all about?!

Oh shit!

It’s the friggen security!

Bono quickly throws his arms around me, to protect me from them.

“Wo! Hang on there a wee second fella!” He says at a blue coated man coming straight at me.

“I’ma sooory sir, boot vwe have herad frome thee securitea in Engaland thata we area to shipe meester Hewson’s friend back to Engaland. Sooory to have to acausa proobleme Sir.”

“Can I ask why exactly?”

“Apparanteley zer was a proobleme with a passerporte.”

“I’m sorry but I think you must be mistaken.”

“I am qvuite poseetive, sir.”

“Well quite isn’t good enough for me.”

“I apologize sir, boot, zise is nota my probleme….zise is a proobleme for ze securitea in Engaland.”

“Then why are you bothering me?”

“I have stricte orders from ze Engalish securitea. I am obliged to follow zem.”

“I see no problem here.”

“Zen please, Miss…woulda you showa me your passer port.”

I freeze.

Omg, Bono please speak for me!

“It’s on the plane.” Bono says pointing to the Vertigo 05 aircraft that has just taken to the skies.

“Vwell then Sir, I am very soory but so isa your friend.”

“You cant do this!”

“I am suure I can Bono.”

“Don’t Bono me! Mr. Hewson to you thanks!”

“I apologise, sir. But your friend isa noot liable to staya in zis coountry without a passeport.”

“How much are you after?”

“Sir, I am soory boot, I do noot accepte what I can see you are aboot to offere me…your friend moost leave.”

“Ok, I’m going too.”

“What?!” I butt in.

Bono turns to face me, he looks deep into my eyes before he begins to talk.

“When we were in the car and you told me about the passport, I promised I would go back to England with you. I’m not one to break a promise.”

“Bono, you cant come back with me…you have a show to do in three days time. I’m not going to have you miss that…just ’cos of me.”

“Look, I dragged you out here, when you didn’t want to come. It’s not fair that you have to go back alone.”

I can’t believe how caring he is.

He’s only just met me and he wants to sacrifice all this stuff!

Should I let him?

Yeah, why not.

It’s not like this happens all the time.

“Oh, don’t worry about me, I’ll have a sleep on the flight home and just, erm, go to work tomorrow I suppose.”

What was that?!

My mouth spoke for me!


Bad mouth!

I wanted him to come back with me!

I’ve gone loopy.

But, before I have time to try and make him come back with me.

He’s stroking the hair away from my face.

“You know, these last few hours have been….crazy, I think is the word for them. I’ve never had this before.”

He’s holding my face and I feel like, either my knees are going to buckle, or I’m going to cry.

“Me neither.” I whimper. “I’m not going to forget you.”

I feel like it’s a scene from Titanic!

“Forget me? I don’t think you could if you tried!”


“I’m not being cocky babes…I’m not going to let you forget me. I’m not going to let you slip away that easily.”


“Excuseer me misse. Wyou have to leeeave now.” The strange little Austrian man butts into are moment.

“Yeah, hang on a second!” I shout at him.

“I’m not going to let you go just like that.”

“I don’t get you!”

“Give me your phone….please.”

I reach into my pocket and take my mobile phone out of it…then hand it over.

He fiddles around for a few moments and then passes it back.

“Here, I’ve stored my number in it…I promise you it’s genuine. This phone has around four or five contacts in it…..I keep it very private.”

“Ok…and what am I supposed to do with it?”

“Well, I’ve just called my phone from yours and I’ll store the number in a minute.”


“And, you go back to England and I’ll sort out a passport for you….then I’ll call you.”


“No, I swear I will….I’m not going to let you down.”


“Come here.” He says drawing me in for another big bear hug.

I snuff my nose right up against his shoulder, and I can feel a tear rolling down the side of my face.

I close my eyes and now finally I can take it in.

His scent…

The feel of having this big, strong wall of a man up against me.

He releases me for a moment and then looks into my eyes again.

His glance switches to my mouth and then back up to my eyes.

He closes his and leans in to kiss me.

Before I have time to think about it, my eyes are closed and I’ve let myself take the kiss.

He tastes sweet..

From the chocolate he has eaten on the plane.

His tongue works the magic as I just fall for it.

It lasts only for around twenty seconds before he lets me go.

He hugs me again and I leave.

“I promise…I wont let you down.” He shouts to me as I wave behind me.

I follow the little Austrian man to another aircraft.

“Vyou area yust in time for zis flight backa to Engaland.”

I look at him and just lower my head.

I get to the steps of the new plane and take a look back at Bono.

He waves and kisses the air at me.

Then I climb up them.

Sit down in the only empty seat there is.

Watch the door slowly close again and I sigh to myself.

I feel another tear roll down my face as I look at the Air Hostess giving us the Emergency information.

I look out of the window at the Austrian Airport and it begins to rain.

It feels like the sky is crying with me as more tears begin to roll down my face.

I feel the plane turning around to take off, and I can still see Bono standing there.

It’s raining heavily and he’s just standing there watching me.

Completely alone on the ground…

Just like me up in here…

The plane begins to pick up speed and Bono becomes out of sight.

All I can do is hope he contacts me.

But, hope is the key word there.

He probably meets people like me every day.

I’m probably just another fly-by-night.

I rest my head back onto the chair and close my eyes.

Just thinking about the concert, the dance, the flight and the madness of everything!

Another tear rolls down my face, as the plane takes off…into the sky.


Well that's it from me!

I hope you liked it....and understood it!

And always....feel free to post a comment

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aww damn austrian man, he has no compassion

hope B gets the passport sorted then you can be reunited


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Oh, it was so good!!

*momma cries tears of pride*

Bono "Fucking Run!!!!!"
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I'm not liking that airport offical

But this is starting to turn into a great caper like story (IF you have any idea what I'm talking about)

But great chapter nevertheless
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Me too I've found it REALLY funny
Bono: Fucking run!!!! It was so...I never thought about that...god it was funny, LMAO!!!

Hope, thought, That they'll get back soon together...stupid security!!!!
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Originally posted by U2MaNaIcWeIdO

But this is starting to turn into a great caper like story (IF you have any idea what I'm talking about)

I actually dont have any idea what you're talking about

Oh well
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Originally posted by bono_gal

I actually dont have any idea what you're talking about

Oh well

Let's just say that it was an AWESOME chapter and I see a lot of greatness in you
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Aww I hope she gets her passport and everything works out! Hahah I loved the running from the mob part that was great!
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great chapter!

that guy..
running from the mob..

i can't wait til they reunite again
I look forward to the next chapter!
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Originally posted by U2MaNaIcWeIdO

Let's just say that it was an AWESOME chapter and I see a lot of greatness in you

Oh....that all

Thanks Weldy
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"Fucking Run!"
Thats pure genius.
Great chapter... mmm bono
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Your story is fantastic stuff bono_gal. I was so exciting in the last chapter, but now she has had to go back to England alone

I can't wait until the next chapter either!

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