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*gets on soapbox*

Ladies, I need your assistance.

I have a quest. A simple quest, but a quest nontheless. I need to get something for my dear friend Echo for Christmas. And, to make matters worse, I cannot find one bit of U2-related merchandise she does not yet own. Hence, I ask for your help.

Now, since this is, of course, pretty much where Echo spends all of her free time, I need a touch of secrecy from you all. Any ideas, feel free to email to me at lastgunslinger81@hotmail.com .

Won't you lovely ladies help me in my hour of need?

Besides, not only will this help me, but imagine the look of terror and intruige when I tell Echo that her X-Mas present was suggested by a PLEBAn. Oh, that will be an image not easily forgotten....

*rubs hands together* Mwah ha ha ha ha!!!

P.S. Let's keep two things in mind. A) I cannot afford outrageous items, so no suggesting Bono or Edge's pants (which would be, of course, bought RIGHT offa the lads..There's an image for ya girls...) and B) I am a bit of an artist. So, I can make things. If anyone has a suggestion of something realitively simple to make, then, by all means, lemme have it.

Again, that email addy is lastgunslinger81@hotmail.com



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You've got mail.

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You guys realize that this can only end in disaster.

*Knock at door*

ECHO: Now who could that be...

*Echo answers door. There stands Edge, wearing nothing but a strategically placed bow.*

ECHO: Oh my!
SCOTTPHISTO: *jumps out from behind shrubbery* Merry Christmas!
EDGE: *shivers* Can I come inside, please? It's rather cold out here.
ECHO: Oh, ScottPhisto, he's lovely, but....
SCOTTPHISTO: Is something wrong?
ECHO: Well I already have this one.
ECHO: I told you I wanted Joshua Tree Edge, not ZooTV Edge. I got Zoo TV Edge last month.
SCOTTPHISTO: But...*grin* well, see now you have two! One to leave in the original packaging and one to play with!
ECHO: Hmm....That's true.
EDGE: Can I please come inside?
ECHO: *Sigh* but I still need Joshua Tree Edge to complete the set...
EDGE: I think my toes are frostbitten...
SCOTTPHISTO: Well, if you really feel that way I can take him back.
ECHO: You saved the receipt?
EDGE: I can't feel my legs.
SCOTTPHISTO: Yeah, it'll be no problem to exchange him.
EDGE: I'm kind of sleepy...and dizzy...
*Edge passes out in the snow*
ECHO: Oh man, we can't take this one back...he's defective!

*Echo the Pimpstress* ... Proud Owner of Animatronic Edge!

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