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New Printer Advice

I am looking for a new printer, preferably not an HP since I had an HP computer that died on me and try to avoid HP products now.

I want to print mostly photos and use it at home for basic printing tasks. I'd like it to be technically very easy to use but still good quality. What's the best brand and the best price you can get that type of printer for? I'd like to find one for 150 maximum- are any printers under 100 actually any good? I'd also like one with the memory card slots for printing off the photo cards without downloading to my computer first. I want one that will last that I won't have to replace anytime soon.

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I would definitely get one that has individual cartridges, if you're going to mostly print photos. Ours are all about $10-$12 each (probably cheaper from an ink outlet web site) and since we print in color, the yellow might be gone but the magenta still has more than half, so it's a waste of money to have to replace the entire thing.

I've always used Epson deskjet printers, but for no other reason than I find one on sale that meets my needs.

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I've had a Canon for almost four years, and the other Canon printers I've had in the past I've been pleased with. I had a Lexmark that lasted only about a year, so that's why I went back to Canon.

I don't think they make my model anymore, but I'm sure they have a similar one. Mine was about $100, and the cartridges are relatively cheap. I've found a discount outlet where I can get black ones for only about $5, and when they don't have them in stock, Staples also makes cartridges for my model.
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you're missing out if you avoid hp printers. don't know about their computers, but it's a well-known fact that hp printers cannot break.
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I probably will end up with an HP, I looked at Costco today and they had all HPs except for one Brother. I love buying electronics there because of their return policy, it's pretty much hassle free.

They had two PhotoSmarts that also have the copier and scanner. One was only 79 and the other was 99 after a 20 dollar rebate. It's the C3150 and the C4150, I am going to compare them online because I didn't have time in the store.
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Thanks for the thread Mrs. S. Can I hijack it?

Can anyone recommend a good general printer that can occasionally print in color, such as for school reports, etc.? I have an HP LaserJet1200 Series (black ink only) that can print in 1200 dpi, but usually 600 is fine. It's used for work, and I might shift it over to my other computer and try & get a cheap one for this computer. I have a Panasonic dot matrix on the other computer. I print a ton thru it, so don't know if I should move the Laserprinter over there, or get another dot matrix. Don't know which will be cheaper in the long run (toner vs. ribbons). I've had 2 of the same Panasonic printers, but something is wrong with one, and the company said I'd have to send it in for repairs, and it's just not worth it. The 2nd one is also on it's way out, as it seems cost prohibitive to find someone to repair it. I hate this disposable machine thing. What to do?!?!?!

\end hijacking

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