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Old 09-11-2006, 12:36 AM   #1
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Where were you on 9/11

where were you when you heard about the attacks?

I was in second period when the principal came in and announced it...we turned on the TV and I felt my heart just drop...i knew someone who never made it out of those towers...theres not a day that I don't truly think about it, never forget!!!!

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I got to work and my boss said to me "Isn't it awful?" And I had no idea what he was talking about. He then told me the first tower had fallen and I was even more stupified. It didn't sink in for hours and then I think I stared into space for the rest of the day. Not a productive day at all. Too stunnng. And sad.

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I usually sleep in til maybe 9-10:30am, but that day I had to get up because my housecleaners were going to come early So I woke up and turned the TV on at about 8:30am, and was in total shock. I was waiting for my husband to come home after taking my daughter to school, and I believe that's when he found out about it from other parents

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Old 09-11-2006, 01:13 AM   #4
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A friend called and said "Turn on the tv." By her voice and that she didn't specify a channel I knew it was something massive and horrible.
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Old 09-11-2006, 01:17 AM   #5
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I was on holiday by the beach. We hadnt been watching the news or anything (a rule we have on holidays) and we went into a tourist shop and there was a television on in the corner. My mum pointed out what was going on and at first we thought it was a film they had on. It wasn't until we saw 'bbc news' in the corner that we realised what we were seeing was real.
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Old 09-11-2006, 01:27 AM   #6
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I was asleep at the time of the actual attacks (time zones), but got up and we rushed around for work the next morning, the husband backed the car out of the garage and then came running back inside as I was trying to lock it up saying something serious and huge had happened in America, so we flicked on foxtel and then learned a brief amount. It was a shitty day. Not only because of the obvious reasons, but a girl I worked with had an American boyfriend who was out here staying with her. His brother worked in one of the towers and their whole family had spent all night trying to reach him, on top of that the boyfriend had the joy of idly watching their foxtel during the night and found out that way. Thankfully, they finally reached him and he was in shock at his girlfriend's place in NY having called in 'sick'. The job I had too, was in a group of the bitchiest horrible racist old hags I have ever met in my life. Their list of issues with 'white' people was so long it was nothing but ludicrous.
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i was upstairs getting my stuff read for school next day.
it was about 2.20-2.30pm when my dad shouted to me to come have a look at was on the news.
i think it was 10mins after the second plane hit, so the news was replaying the videos over and over.

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Old 09-11-2006, 07:13 AM   #8
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I was sleeping, because it was a day off for me and I had been up until 3:45 AM reading a book. The phone rang, which I tried to avoid, but I heard my mom giving a message to my answering machine. I tried to ignore the beeping of the machine for about 5 minutes, then reluctantly got up and played the message. My mom said, "Diane, pick up. If you're there, pick up. A plane crashed into the World Trade Center...", at which point I ran for the TV and telephone. I called her back to say I was allright (I work in NYC sometimes, about 3 miles away from the WTC), then watched it unfold on TV.

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Old 09-11-2006, 07:52 AM   #9
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i was in my second week at new england college in henniker, new hampshire, having just transfered there to play basketball.

i had woken up late that morning... stayed up a bit too late the night before... the new york giants were on monday night football, against denver i think. i had an 8:00am english class and it was 8:05. i ran out the door and made a brisk walk to class. when i got to the class, there was a note on the blackboard... "class moved to science building." the science building was all the way on the otherside of campus, a good 10 minute walk. seeing as i was already 10 minutes late at this point, i said screw it, left the classroom and went to breakfast at the dining hall. sat down with a teammate, J.J., who was already in the dining hall. still remember the two topics of conversation from that morning. he wasn't happy at the school and wanted to transfer, and wether or not michael jordan would be close to what he once was (the news that he was un-retiring was just breaking). talked/ate for a little under a half an hour and then made my way back to my dorm room.

stopped in the bathroom first down the hall from my room first, then walked back up. i stopped in the room next to mine, and this guy steve who lived in there told me about how the first plane, and i remember talking to him about how hard it would be for a pilot to not see the friggin building and even wondering if it was done on purpose.

i walked back to my dorm room, where we had two TV's setup so that me and my roommate could play Madden and still watch TV, a very Zoo TV setup. i flipped one of the TV's on about 5 seconds before the second plane hit. i just remember my legs just giving out, dropping down to sit on my bed in stunned silence as the images stremed across both televisions.
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I remeber where i was when i was told .

My mate told me after my last lesson that a teacher disturbed his lesson and told eevryone that there was a incident in New York , everyone thought he was kidding.

I got home and my mum was glued to the TV and thats when the 2nd plane struck.

I will never forget.
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I was in school...all day I was hearing rumors of various bombings, at one point our principal came over the intercom and we had a moment of silence, but no one, not even the teachers were telling us what was going on. My history teacher was on edge because her father worked in the WTC, and she hadn't been able to get in contact with him (as it turned out he was on the last train out). I still had no idea what was going on, all I knew was that it was something horrific, and that we were under attack, and I was infuriated that we weren't being told exactly what was going on.

It wasn't until I got home that I saw THE footage...I immediately went up to my room and played "Kite" over and over...
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That day was a day off for me so I woke up pretty late, around 8:30am. My TV was on all night but I had turned the sound really low. I saw the scenes were a building was on fire, but I never paid attention to the screen were it showed it was LIVE! They keep repeating the scene over and over -- some airpline went in to some building! I thought, yes, that it was some movie. Until the second plane hit, that's when I starting paying attention and turned up the volume...

I remember being here on Interference for the most part of the day trying to get some information -- trying to get some sense of a world gone mad that day!

Then we heard a "bomb" went off at the Pentagon... An airpline down in Pennsylvania...

It was beyond surreal...
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Old 09-11-2006, 09:22 AM   #13
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I was fast asleep, the time was approx 11pm in Adelaide, Australia. Everything in my house was quiet. Suddenly, my brother comes crashing up and down the corridor yelling something unintelligable. I am immeditely made conscious by the very unusual behaviour of my older brother. I then make out, 'The world trade centre has been hit by a plane!' I immedately fumble around for my remote in the dark and throw on the TV in my bedroom. I frantically flick through every channel to establish the severity of the issue (if it was absolutely huge, every channel would be showing it) and sure enough, every single channel was showing the tower smoking. It took a while for me to grasp the situation.
I was alone in my bedroom, and the rest of my family (5 other people) were in the living room, everyone was silent. I then watched everything unfold live in absolute horror - the second plane hitting the other tower, the Pentagon attack and finally the collapse of the towers. I then stayed glued to the TV the whole night until school - 8am. It was one of the very few moments of my life i remember so vividly - and the most horrifying.
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Having just returned from my honeymoon in Aruba and landing at JFK about 11pm on September 10th. Got up sept 11th morning and headed to work. No one was at their desks which I found odd. I went to the tv we had in the office and I just joined everyone in stunned silence. Drove home to be w/ my new bride and frantically try to locate my mom who was working at 140 West street that day (Her building was severly damaged that day).

On a side note, I proposed to my wife at Windows on the World, the restaurant on the top floor of the WTC.
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Sept. 11 is my birthday. I was in school, high school. I had morning break and then went to German class. During morning break, I heard someone say the Pentagon was under attack. When we got to German class, the teacher said that there was something we had to see. All our classrooms had TVs through some school media program, so we just turned it on to a news channel and watched. It was completely silent. I saw the second tower fall, then the first. The teacher was crying and the guy in front of me whispered "oh.my.god" and those were the only words spoken the entire time.

I don't remember the other two classes, I think we just watched the TV. I left school at 12:55pm like usual. No one had sports or any elective classes, we were all sent home. I got home, turned on the TV and recorded ABC until my parents came home.

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