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Old 01-10-2002, 02:41 AM   #16
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Originally posted by Peaseblossom:
There are definately things I'd like to change about my body if I had the money, and wasn't afraid of pain... and I've seen plastic surgery work out really well. A friend in high school got a nose job (so slight, no one could tell the difference), and it made her much more confident. However, another girl I knew was given a choice by her parents: They'd pay for her first two years of college, or get her the boob job she'd always wanted. Guess which she picked. She works at Hooters now. I think that's unhealthy.
Wow, I didn't know you needed a college education to work at Hooters.

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If its to rebuild a part of the body that was fucked-up because of an accident, or in the case of an operation (the kind of operation when they open your belly to play with your stomach), then I don't mind, but if its for the f***** fashion, or to have bigger breasts (I like it natural, not with plastic... I would be the first to make the kid-trick to walk on the beaches with a magnifying glass y'know), then its a complete waiste of time for blond people.

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my friend is about to have her breasts reduced,they are huge she gets picked on and she get bad back aches.
everybody has the right to be happy,i know you should love youself for the way you are but their is alot of social pressure to look good.the sad thing is (according to a survey) you are more likely to get a good job the prettier you are!!!!
the thing that worries me is once you have had something done people ofton go on to have more done and it can becom addictive,
as for god i like to think he loves you the way you are!

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merry christmas-have a good one!!!!!!!
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Originally posted by Holy John:
then its a complete waiste of time for blond people.

I hate the blonde stereotype. I could say quite a bit about this statement but I wont...

I don't know why I even bother posting to touchy subjects


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I think plastic surgery, if used in moderation, is good for one's self esteem.If it's for the right reason, then that's great. I considered it once (but forgot about it), and I can understand why some people go under the knife.

Holy John, what did you mean by your last statement?

Naya&lt;---Blond and tired of the "blonde women are dumb" stereotype.
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Originally posted by ocu2fan:
I couldn't find any pictures where I could see Ms. Case's ears, then again I didn't look hard at all, but from the pictures I did see, I could tell that she is stunning! Perhaps there is hope for me yet!
don't worry...i've come to notice sharon case wears her hair down when she's not filming an episode, however i suppose the writers want her to pull her hair up cuz i've been watching the show since spring '95 and i've never once not seen her ears. try watching an episode for about five or so minutes, she's got a thick plot going on right now so they're showing her a lot...and you'll see them! that is, if you're desperate to see this chick's huge ears.
but anyway, yeah she is really pretty, i just feel bad for her...use some of that soap money to get surgey, you know? lol

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Old 01-11-2002, 02:20 AM   #22
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Will Smith has funny Dumbo ears too. It was even mentioned in Independence Day. I thought that was cute.

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