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Things to do Mr. Abbas

Abu Mazn should be checking these out.

11 tips for the new chairman
By Yoel Marcus

1. For starters, don't even think about appointing yourself deputies or vice deputies or acting vice deputies. Whether they have power or not, it's not healthy to hand out jobs that revolve chiefly around waiting for you to die.

2.Man your office with aides who will be so busy quarreling among themselves they won't have time to ruin things for you. Appoint your trusty personal lawyer as your bureau chief in case some Abu-Appel tries to sell you a Greek island. Hire strategic advisers and experts in the marketing of governments. Israel will be happy to lend you Yosef Barel to help you establish a patriotic TV network.

3. Never wear a uniform, pack a pistol or decorate your chest with a string of medals awarded for God knows what. The latest Bush fashion is democracy. He is counting on you to be the founder of the first Islamic democracy in the region. Give it to him and you'll be the pet of the Western world.

4. In his day, Yitzhak Rabin was jealous of you for not having a B'Tselem human rights movement and a High Court looking over your shoulder so your leaders could do whatever they damn well pleased. It took us a long time to realize that terror can't be stamped out by force and Israel can't continue lording over another people, with or without watchdog institutions. The day the Palestinian Authority has a B'Tselem, a High Court, peace rallies and demonstrations against violence and terror, we will know a democratic leader has been born.

5. "Jobs" is not a dirty word. Ask Limor Livnat. Especially for a leader who is trying to get his foot in the door in a future Palestinian state. Jobs provide a livelihood for have-nots who will be indebted to the government some day. Menachem Begin was elected into office a second time to the tune of his promise to do right by the people. Steer them to the fleshpots, Abu Mazen, instead of the battlefield, and they will thank you and your leadership forever.

6. Never lie to President Bush. The lies of your famous predecessor cost him and your people dearly. Especially the personal letter to Bush in which Arafat swore he had no information or connection to the Karine A munitions ship. From that moment on, Bush severed ties with him and turned him into a non-partner, while Sharon was given what amounted to a free hand in striking terrorist ringleaders and operatives.

7.Make sure you don't repeat two boo-boos Sharon made when he was elected prime minister: (a) Don't say no to Bush. The guy has a very short fuse; and (b) Don't ogle Condoleezza Rice's shapely legs and then talk about it in public.

8. Don't dawdle: Get the key to the national treasury that Arafat turned into his private playground, although no one knows how much remains in it, let alone where it is. While most Palestinians were left poor and hungry by the Al-Aqsa Intifada initiated by your predecessor, which deprived them of their income in Israel, the Great Revolutionary made hundreds of millions in deals on the side. His Madame Pompadour abandoned her people on the battlefield and lined her pocket with the money meant to finance the revolution. Run a transparent administration and insure that state monies go to the people, not to a handful of corrupt individuals.

9. Like us, you can expect problems with religious fundamentalists and their radical leaders. Around here, we buy them off. In your case, force will be needed. You'll have to do what one of our leaders did: Liquidate the militias and build a one-army state. While Israel teeters on the brink of civil war so that you'll get Gaza back one day, the constant barrage of rockets and mortars is hard to swallow. Get your 30,000 policemen out into the street, order your security forces into action, and do what it takes to put a stop to terror. If not, your term will end in tears.

10. When you appear in public, be conciliatory. Instill hope. Don't whip your people into a frenzy of blood and fire. Don't threaten us with an onslaught of a million shaheeds. Become a leader remembered as Abu Mazen the rebuilder. How long can we survive without a casino in Ramallah?

11. And most importantly: Visit Arafat's grave every week and make sure he's still there.

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Israel urged to abandon "anti-Palestinian" policies as new conflicts occur in Gaza

CAIRO/GAZA, Jan. 14 (Xinhuanet) -- Palestinian Foreign Minister Nabil Shaath said Thursday that international and regional powers should exert pressure on Israel to force it to give up what he called "anti-Palestinian" policies.

Shaath, who is in Cairo attending the extraordinary meeting of Arab foreign ministers which opened earlier in the day, called on Israel to stop "aggressions" against the Palestinian people to show its sincerity about peace.

The top Palestinian diplomat said the last four years of conflicts between the two sides have seen tens of thousands of Palestinians killed or injured, which only leads to a vicious circle of "violence for violence."

He added peace talks with Israel can be started only if Israel withdraws its forces to the borders before 2000 when Palestinians launched the latest round of armed uprising against Israeli occupation.

Meanwhile, Palestinian Minister for Prisoners Affairs Hisham Abdel Razeq said Thursday that a joint Palestinian-Israeli meetingto be held in two weeks will focus on ways of improving conditionsof Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails.

Prior to the meeting, he will visit Israeli jails first to see the prisoners' conditions on the ground, Razeq said, adding the issue of prisoners was an important part of any future agreement with Israel.

On Thursday, Israel escalated its operation in Gaza Strip as some Israeli troops thrust in the morning into the refugee camp ofBureig in central Gaza Strip, killing one Palestinian and woundingfour others.

The Israeli troops, backed by about a dozen tanks and two bulldozers, raided the eastern part of the refugee camp of Bureig,and the bulldozers started to raze cultivated land, said Palestinian security sources.

In the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Lahya, Israeli troops besieged a building belonging to Mohammed el-Hilo, and arrested atleast 40 Palestinians.

Earlier in the day, one Palestinian, identified as Alaa Hosanna,was shot dead by Israeli soldiers when he was driving a pregnant woman to the Kamal Edwanin hospital in Beit Lahya. The woman was also wounded.

In another development, Israeli planes fired at least three missiles at targets north of the southern Gaza town of Khan Younis.One missile destroyed an empty car and the other two landed on an open field near the refugee camp of Al Maghazi. No injures were reported.
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