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Originally posted by Macfistowannabe

The comment about rape being worse than murder is a wee bit over my head. Yes, rape is horrible, but shouldn't there be evidence that the crime was committed? That's what I'm getting at. Having an innocent defendant serve time for a rape they did not commit is injustice. You wouldn't want an innocent person found guilty of murder, and possibly face an execution, would you?

One problem I have with rape is when a man in particular is accused of committing it, he is seen as guilty by the jury even if he claims his innocence. There are absolute assumptions that the rape took place from day one. Worse than that, the defendant is frowned upon by a jury that hasn't even seen the case.

Strict sentences could probably reduce the amount of rapes, but they are highly unjust to those who are wrongfully convicted. We should always keep those in mind.
NOT at the expense of the victim.

Have you ever been raped? It is the most degrading and humiliating thing to ever happen to you, then the burden of proof falls down on he said/she said thing and the victim becomes the one on trial. 'Horrible', my friend, does not even BEGIN to describe it accurately.

I feel bad for those wrongly convicted in a Salem witch hunt. As you say, that is wrong. I don’t feel bad for repeat offenders who will probably never be rehabilitated and if turned lose rape again, destroying more lives.

I just know from personal experience that rape is something you live with for the rest of your life, no matter how hard you try to heal, something will always trigger those memories and you wish you could take justice into your own hands. You never, ever get over it - you just learn to live with it, after spending a bloody long time wishing the bastard had finished the job properly by killing you, so that you don't spend the rest of your life struggling cionstantly with having such a horrdendous, petrifying, agonising experience.

As for all this about men being presumed guilty and having to prove innocence - the fact I mentioned earlier, that less than 10% of reported rapes result in conviction in the UK, suggests THE EXACT OPPOSITE.

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