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Originally posted by Angela Harlem
You don't see a major reduction in how well rounded a child is when they are taught character focused activities?

Where exactly do we draw the line at what is important for kids to learn? It's becoming more a responsibility of schools to teach so much of this extra work because the home unit is simply failing to address any of it - and for a myriad of reasons. The school environment is the last chance for many children these days. We've got to ask more of our teachers.

I don't think that what WHA suggested is really that absurd, either. It's more matter-of-fact. Scumbag parents tend to breed scumbag kids, and this is closely tied to socioeconomics. Naturally, there are and will always be examples from all classes, and certainly not all lower economic groups are like this, but there is a more noticeable lack of effort to strive for any level of betterment in the 'lower class'.
There are so many things I could say here. I donot have the time, I am living it.

Let me say this, here in the states, we (public schools) are under the gun when it comes to teaching the standards. According to current Federal Law, every child will be proficient or advanced in reading and math by the year 2014.

I believe we need at a minimum some time spent on developing self-esteem to prevent bullying. There are some good programs. The problem is, we are not held accountable for teaching this program by federal or state mandate. And quite frankly, teachers sacrafice this time to get in extra time to teach the reading, math ect.

Parenting is essential here. I feel more and more children are not learning the coping skills to get through the day. I practice with my children (I am the bully) and they practice and rehears what they are going to say and do when they are bullied with me. If more people worked on this, I think it would eliminate some of the problems kids encounter when away from home.

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I beg to differ on the "manner should be taught at home" route. I think I see my kids in my class for longer then their parents. I certainly interact with them a whole lot more. They see their parents for half an hour in the morning as they are getting ready for school, then after school half or more go to day care of are looked after by a neighbour till mum gets home at 5.30. They then have tea and roam the neighbourhood (well some of them) till bedtime at 7.30/8pm.

I see them for 6 straight hours 5 days a week, 40 weeks a year. At let me tell you, as a teacher myself, while I believe English and maths are the cornerstones of education, its the other parts that are the essentials.

Not all kids can learn to read and write and add and take well. They can get by on it, but are never going to be a B or A student. MEanwhile, they can run like the wind, or play basketball like a pro, or fix a broken TV in 25 minutes (thank you Reece!)
We need to stop looking at grades in the "Core" subjects as testimonials to how much kids are taking in and whether they're going to survive in the world or not.
I think primary school needs to have a good mix, and people need to understand that when we're baking a cake in cooking clas - we're reading instructions and understanding a precedure. When we're learning how to say a few words in another language, we're recognising structure.
When i'm out doing fitness with the kids, they're using their muscles, their gaining an appreciation for running around and being active, instead of sitting inside writing out times tables and doing maths problems.

We re increasingly finding more and more students are not coping at school , but its emotionally not mentally. So many kids have fucked up homelifes, a lot more in the past. Fractured families, not enough food, not enough sleep, and quite often, not enough attnetion and love.
The question a lot of them face, and it's MY job to try and do it is -

Why try, why even try anything - when no one you love cares?

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