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Israel & the invasion of Iraq

I've pasted below an essay by Uri Averny, an Israeli with the group Gush Shalom. I'd be interested to hear what people have to say about the influence of Israel over US policy in the Middle East (a neglected topic and one of the reasons for the occupation of and regime change in Iraq -- i.e. to remove an Arab leader who attacked Israel in the 90's and thus sealed his fate). The Israeli/Jewish lobbies have real pull in Washington with real consequences for the whole world (for all those accusations of this being just a conspiracy theory, please read on and comment). Thanks

[] Uri Avnery: Bush simple, violent and extreme - a dangerous combination

òáøéú / Hebrew
(For the Hebrew, go to the website... add "www.")

Uri Avnery

King George

When King George V died, we got a day off from school as a sign of
mourning. Palestine was then a part of the British Empire, which ruled
the country under a League of Nations mandate. To this very day, a
central street in Tel-Aviv, not far from my home, bears the name of King
George V was followed (after a brief interlude) by George VI, who
was until recently the last George in our life. Now we have a new King
George, not British but American.

The relationship between the United States and Israel is difficult
to define. The USA has no official mandate over our country. It is not a
normal alliance between two nations. Neither is it a relationship between
a satellite and the master country.
Some people say, only half in jest, that the USA is an Israeli
colony. And indeed, in many respects it looks like that. President Bush
dances to Ariel Sharon's tune. Both Houses of Congress are totally
subservient to the Israeli right-wing - much more so than the Knesset. It
has been said that if the pro-Israeli lobby were to sponsor a resolution
on Capitol Hill calling for the abolition of the Ten Commandments, both
Houses of Congress would adopt it overwhelmingly. Every year Congress
confirms the payment of a massive tribute to Israel.
But others assert the reverse: that Israel is an American colony.
And indeed, that is also true in many respects. It is unthinkable for the
Israeli government to refuse a clear-cut request by the President of the
United States. America forbids Israel to sell an expensive intelligence-
gathering plane to China? Israel cancels the sale. America forbids a
large-scale military action, as happened last week in Gaza? No action.
America wants the Israeli economy to be managed according to American
precepts? No problem: an American (circumcised, to be sure) has just been
appointed as Governor of the Central Bank of Israel.
As a matter of fact, both versions are right: The USA is an Israeli
colony and Israel is an American colony. The relationship between the two
countries is a symbiosis, a term defined by the Oxford Dictionary as "an
association of two organisms living attached to each other or one within
the other" (from the Greek words for "living" and "together".)
Much has already been said about the origins of this symbiosis.
American Christian Zionism preceded the founding of the Jewish Zionist
organization. The American myth is almost identical with the Zionist
Israeli myth, both in content and symbolism. (The settlers fleeing from
persecution in their homelands, an empty country, pioneers conquering the
wilderness, the savage natives, etc.) Both are countries of immigration,
with all that this implies for good or ill. Both governments believe that
their interests coincide. On Independence Day in Israel, many American
flags are to be seen next to the Israeli ones - a phenomenon that is
without parallel in the world.
The inauguration of George Bush last week therefore had a special
significance for Israel. The state-controlled TV channel broadcast it
live. In many respects, the President of the United States is also the
King of Israel.

George Bush is a very simple, very violent person with very extreme
views, as well as being very much an ignoramus. This is a very dangerous
combination. Such people have caused many disasters in human history.
Maximilian Robespierre, the French revolutionary who invented the reign
of terror, has been called "the Great Simplifier" because of the terrible
simplicity of his views, which he tried to impose with the guillotine.
The ideologues who govern the thoughts and deeds of Bush are called
"neo-conservatives", but that is a misleading appellation. Actually they
are a revolutionary group. Their aim is not to conserve but to overturn.
Mostly Jewish, they are the pupils of Leo Strauss, a German-Jewish
professor with a Trotskyite past who ended up developing semi-fascist
theories and propagating them at the University of Chicago. He
illustrated his attitude towards democracy by citing the story of
Gulliver: when a fire broke out in the city of the dwarfs, he put the
fire out by urinating on them. This is the way, in his view, the small
elite group of leaders must treat the ignorant and innocent public, which
does not know what is good for them.
In his coronation speech, Bush promised to bring freedom and
democracy to every corner of the world. No less, no more. He cited the
two countries in which he has already achieved this aim: Iraq and
Afghanistan. Both have been devastated by American planes that dropped
the message from their bomb doors. Recently, the American soldiers wiped
a large city from the face of the earth in order to convince the
opponents of "American values". Now Falluja looks as if it had been
struck by a tsunami.
It is no secret that the Neo-Cons intend to "bring democracy" to
Iran and Syria, thereby eliminating two more traditional enemies of the
USA and Israel. Dick Cheney, the Vice-President (certainly no Virtue-
President), has already prophesied that Israel may attack Iran, as if
threatening to unleash a Rottweiler.
It could have been hoped that after the total debacle in Iraq and
the less obvious but equally serious failure in Afghanistan, Bush would
shrink from more such actions. But as almost always happens with rulers
of this type, he cannot admit defeat and stop. On the contrary, failure
drives him on to more extremes, vowing, rather like the captain of the
Titanic, "to stay the course."

There is no way to guess what Bush may perpetrate, now that he has
been re-elected by his people. His ego has been blown up to giant
proportions, reaffirming what the Greek fabulist Aesop said some 27
centuries ago: "The smaller the mind the greater the conceit."
He has kicked out the hapless, feeble Colin Powell (as David Ben-
Gurion eliminated Moshe Sharett in preparation for his 1956 onslaught on
Egypt) and appointed Condoleezza Rice, his personal servant (as Ben-
Gurion replaced Sharett with Golda Meir.)
Now the order is "clear the deck for action". On this deck, Bush is
a loose cannon, a danger to everyone around. The results of these
elections may be viewed by history as a worldwide catastrophe.
In domestic affairs, he may cause similar disasters. In the name of
"American values", he is about to destroy one of the foremost American
values: the separation of Church and State. His is the religion of a
"born again" convert, a primitive religion without morality and
compassion. Imposing this religion on all fields of life - from the
prohibition of abortions and same-sex marriages to the revision of
schoolbooks - may push society centuries back and void the constitution.
After four more years of this, America may be a very different country
from the one we loved and admired in our youth.
A friend of mine asserts that there are two souls residing in the
American nation, a good and a bad one. That may be true for every nation,
including even Israel and Palestine, but in America it is much more
extreme. There is the America of Thomas Jefferson (even if he liberated
his slaves only on his death), Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin
Delano Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower, the America of ideals, the
Marshall Plan, science and the arts. And there is the America of the
genocide perpetrated against the Native Americans, the country of slave
traders and the Wild West myth, the America of Hiroshima, of Joe
McCarthy, of segregation and of Vietnam, the violent and repressive
During Bush's second term, this second America may reach new depths
of ugliness and brutality. It may offer the whole world a model of
oppression. I would not want my country, Israel, to be identified with
such an America. Any advantage we can derive from it may well turn out to
be short-term, the damage long-lasting, and perhaps irreversible.
One of the advantages of the US constitution is that Bush cannot be
re-elected for a third term. As the popular Israeli song goes: "We
survived Pharaoh, we shall survive this, too." Perhaps this could become
an anthem for the whole world.

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I think that this piece adequately demonstrates what I have maintained for a good long while.

1: That the neo-conservative label is a codeword for Jew. It is a way of concocting an elaborate conspiracy theory of Jews controlling the most powerful nation by proxy just like the Tsarist Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

2: It maintains that George Bush is an ignoramus who is under the thrall of these neocon advisors, I do not think that this view is in line with reality. The most powerful individuals in the US Government ~ Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice and formerly Powell are by most accounts realists.

3: With a wink and a nudge it mentions the appointment of Stanley Fischer a most capable individual who is entitled to Israeli citizenship by virtue of being Jewish.

4: Gush Shalom is a radical group, it has a history of aligning itself with the PLO and tacit support to violence against Israeli civilians. It is the perfect example of the saying; "Israelis and Palestinians have equal rights of speech; they can both demonize Ariel Sharon and praise Yasser Arafat".

5: The left around the world is infatuated with the idea that George W Bush is a theofascist, intent on bringing mandatory evangelical Christianity into peoples lives and rolling back freedom of religion and the country into the dark ages.

I am an atheist, I believe strongly in secular values and liberty and I am also an ardent supporter of Israel ~ Israel is quite simply the only liberal democracy in the middle east. It is a country built by the zionists who came to Palestine in the 19th and 20th Century, who transformed the desert with agriculture and carved out a viable nation. It was the Arab states refusal to reciognize Israel after its creation and the subsequent wars of agression waged against her that created the PLO Arab refugee problem. Israel and the US have common interests, stability in the Middle East and the removal of things that threaten that stability, insofar as Israeli motivation for the war in Iraq I think that it is an issue of different reasons, common interest.

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Fuck, could a mod clean this up and leave the last post, there was a real bit of slowdown on the forum ~ I blame the preordering of tickets and the bitching from it.
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I think, at least.

Razors pain you; Rivers are damp;
Acids stain you; And drugs cause cramp.
Guns aren't lawful; Nooses give;
Gas smells awful; You might as well live.

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Looks good to me, um, there was a better post the first lot were unfinished, oh well.
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