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Old 09-13-2004, 08:58 AM   #16
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Originally posted by Earnie Shavers
It's the key to the others.

Can we pick and choose who we want from each party to run which things? That'd be fine.

Wouldnt that be wonderful!

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I think a good economy is a priority, and it does help to shape other aspects of social life, welfare etc. However I dont see it as the flagship political agenda in determining my vote, I believe that there are many other things just as important, if not more important than just a good economy and from my perspective the Libs seem to be only about constantly reiterating this fact that they have provided a good economy- all of this dosnt really affect me though- I basically live on just a little more than the dole in one of Australia's highest un-employment areas. Anyway, there is more to Australia and Australian life than just a good economy- try selling this agenda to the many Australians who live on or just above the poverty line- living on around $250 bucks a week, paying heaps for petrol, seeing housing prices continually rise and rise out of any grasp that you might be able to attain one day and horrendously high un-employment!!!! and knowing that your hecs is once again going to go up again- further adding to the horrendous debt that you already have- hearing about a "good economy", well it just dosnt cut it. Maybe the people with their investment properties, $50 000 a year incomes, private schooling and brand new cars- maybe it means something to them

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Our unemployment is now at 5.3% is it? I'm not sure exactly. Last time Labor were in it was around 7.3%? Interest rates, the infamous 17%. Wouldn't matter if houses were virtually free, if the interest rates increase much more then it wont matter to even those on $50,000 a year, no one will be able to afford a house.
A good economy feeds many things. It isn't the be all and end all, but it's terribly important.
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All governments get lucky (or unlucky) to some extent. None of the intellectually dishonest ranting about Labor's supposed economic awfulness acknowledges the fact of the GLOBAL recession of the early 90s. That situation did not improve till the mid-90s, around the time the present government came to power.

I despise Peter Costello and co, not because they are committed to managing an economy well, but because their rhetoric places all of us, the people, at the service of the economy. Our only purpose is to serve the economy, to literally work until we die. That is not the world I want to live in.

Honestly, I'm still not saying which way I'll vote, but it won't be for the winner, that's one thing.

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