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Originally posted by Irvine511
this is good news.
Originally posted by Diemen
I hope this report turns out to be true.

So, the US brought al-Qaeda into Iraq, took four and a half years to even get them down to a reasonable number, and we're supposed to be excited? No one is denying that this is good news, but it really changes none of our thoughts on the war as a whole.

Here's the sports analogy of this article: your favorite American football team has been a winning team for a while. But in the 2003 off-season, they made a huge number of terrible roster moves, and had four losing seasons in a row. In the fifth season, they continued to lose but their pass defense looked a little better. Only their pass defense was fine before they fucked up the roster, and its taken them almost five years to correct the mistake. And the rest of the team is still fighting with no direction. They're outmatched.

That's kind of what this article's like. Only it's dealing with human lives, on our side and theirs.

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Originally posted by MadelynIris

All of which failed to acknowledge anything positive about this development.
on a positive note

it may be a good thing that they keep redefining the mission

so, let this "mission accomplished" or "victory over al-Qaeda" stand

the Administration can "with their heads held high" start to redeploy the troops back home, and by the end of 2008 we can have most of our troops out

then whatever happens in Iraq will be the responsibility of the Iraqi Government

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looks like one "pull out" may be starting sooner than later

Iraqi adviser: Blackwater shooting unprovoked, guards must go
Story Highlights

Adviser: Al-Maliki has asked State Department to "pull Blackwater out of Iraq"

17 Iraqis killed, 27 wounded in September 16 incident, Iraqi officials say

Blackwater CEO Erik Prince says guards did not commit "deliberate violence"

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Iraq's Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki asked the U.S. State Department to "pull Blackwater out of Iraq," saying the private contractors committed unprovoked and random killings in a September 16 shooting, an adviser to al-Maliki told CNN.

Adviser Sami al-Askari told CNN the Iraqis have concluded their investigation into the shooting at Nusoor Square in Baghdad.

Al-Askari said the United States is still waiting for the findings of the American investigation, but al-Maliki and most Iraqi officials are "completely satisfied" with the findings of their probe and are "insisting" that Blackwater leave the country.

U.S. Embassy spokeswoman Mirembe Natango told CNN by telephone that the Iraqi-U.S. joint commission met and is proceeding with its work on the matter.

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