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Old 08-19-2005, 03:42 PM   #31
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I always quite liked U2 but didn't really know much about them, didn't know it was there songs and that, and then one day my friend lent me Go Home telling me it was really good and worth watching, so i didn't think it would be that great but watched it for the sake of watching it, i've been obsessed since, once i'd seen sunday bloody sunday followed by wake up dead man i was nearly crying (yes stupid i know) so i've been hooked since

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Hearing ATYCLB, for the first time was amazing, just fell in love with music again, and that was followed be Thin Lizzy- Wild one(Greatist hits), so that day i learned two things, U2 are brillant and Irish music doesn't suck.

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It was seeing the New Years Day video on Top Of The Pops , back in 1983. Another strong memory was in '84 a few days before The Unforgettable Fire album was released. My family had gone down to Dublin, for the day, and the record stores had posters of the album cover in their windows and Pride was blasting out into the streets.

I became a fanatic from Pride on and have loved all the twists and turns they've since taken. I've been lucky enough to see them in Belfast or Dublin on each tour since The Joshua Tree.

It's also through them that I learnt about other acts such as Bowie, Eno, The Velvet Underground and Kraftwerk.

But it's nothing to do with how long you have been a fan, it's about what their music means to you right now.
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I never hated them . I'd always liked their big hits that I'd hear on the radio.

For me, it was hearing "Angel Of Harlem" on a classic rock station one night. I don't know what it was about that song, but it just made me sit up and take notice. And then a few months later, I had it and a few other U2 songs I liked on a mix CD, and something just clicked, and I wanted to know more about this band. They'll always hold a special place in my life .

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I'm ashamed to say I was a Hater.

1st U2 Experience:

We were in the car on a very long, dull, 7 hour car trip. My older brother played ATYCLB on the stereo over and over again; but for some reason, he played it at very low volume.
Anyway, I got so sick of this boring, monotonus (ATYCLB is pretty awful at low volume) music going on and on and on. If I had realised what band it was I would have sworn off them forever.

2nd U2 Experience:

A short time after that, I found myself stuck with Major Clinical Depression. Very few things at that time made me at all happy, but I heard Walk On, and it gave me hope. I bought ATYCLB. Even now Walk On makes me cry because it feels as if Bono wrote it just to keep me alive. And in a very real way, that song did help keep me alive.

3rd U2 Experience:

I forgot about U2 for a while after that, but they always held a special place in my heart. My brother gave me Best of 1980-1990 for christmas a year later. I was a bit dissapointed because it was 'Old music', but he told me to listen to it, and if I still didn't like it he would exchange it. I listened to a couple of songs. I was a bit dissapointed. I asked him to exchange it for Best of 1990-2000. He kind of grimaced, and told me to listen to it again. I ignored him and instaed let it gather dust on my shelf.
A couple of weeks later, I kept getting these songs in my head. I didn't really know what they were, but they were good, and I wanted to hear them for real. Eventually I found they were U2 songs, and that I could listen to them any time I wanted.

4th and Lasting U2 Experience:

I forgot about U2 for a while longer. Then, when the Bomb came out, I thought, "Wow, I love that band! I have to get that CD!" Which for me was weird, because I'm normally not very loyal to particular bands. But anyway, I bought it.
The Christmas of 2004, my brother bought me the Best of Propaganda book. I was very happy to get it. I read it from cover to cover and fell in love with the band. Then I bought Slane, and fell even harder. Then I was given the Best of 1990-2000 DVD. I was obsessed.
Now I own every album plus some extras, and have prided myself in learning all the useless information I can find about U2.
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Firstly, when I heard Sunday Bloody Sunday for the first time. It had something that no other song I'd ever heard had.

The next was when I watched Pride on R&H; now, it doesn't blow me away as much as it did, but that instant I knew I wanted to be one of those people in the crowd echoing Bono's wails. I guess part two of that moment would be next seeing With or Without You (I skipped around a lot) and dying when Bono sang the new lyrics. Why don't we just make all of this moment seeing R&H? Streets, too, that opening red screen and understanding the incredible power of U2 live.

Last, I heard Bad live.

Edit: And this was all... four years ago. 2001. I had ATYCLB for some reason, I think I liked Beautiful Day (but HATED with a VENGEANCE Stuck). I didn't really get into them until I heard Sunday Bloody Sunday, though.
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i was falling alseep in front of my aunts TV one night as the Elevation Boston DVD was being shown on Fox Family . . . Edge's crazy guitar riff for The Fly woke me up, and i was still pretty much out of it, but i was determined to find out what the hell that song was. once i downloaded it and bought the Elevation Boston DVD, i was totally 100% in. i alredy had the Rattle & Hum DVD, and had watched it a few times, but The Fly from Elevation Boston locked me in for good.
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In 1983 - I was a junior in highschool and went to a party with a friend - it was at her boyfriend's house. His family was in the process of moving and there was like nothing left in the house except for the stereo. It was a very good stereo. There might have been some drink and other things involved. I don't remember a lot about this night, but I remember sitting in a darkened room with War on very loud, and I remember the feeling I got listening to New Year's Day, although I don't know how to describe it. I've been hooked ever since.
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Originally posted by amerrydeath
Edit: And this was all... four years ago. 2001.
My fanaticism started in 2002 .

Originally posted by amerrydeath
I had ATYCLB for some reason, I think I liked Beautiful Day (but HATED with a VENGEANCE Stuck). I didn't really get into them until I heard Sunday Bloody Sunday, though.
I'd just heard the songs on the radio up to that point...I liked 'em all, personally . And "Stuck In A Moment" holds some memories for me.

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For me, it was a progression of about three steps.

The first time I ever saw them was on MTV when the video for Gloria came on. I IMMEDIATELY liked the sound and I just liked how Bono and the boys looked. I took an instant liking to Bono simply because his looks reminded me of a good buddy of mine in high school. I said, "Cool, who is this band?" So I was intrigued, but didn't really pursue checking them out for a while.

Fast forward about a year later, I see them again on MTV for New Year's Day. Thought once again that I loved the sound and how cool it was that they were out in the middle of nowhere in the snow probably freezing their cajones off. That is when I said, "OK, WHO is this band?!" About a week after I saw the video I went out and bought WAR based on the strength of NYD and SBS which I had also heard once or twice on radio. Well, when I was playing the record I put NYD on first, then let it roll right into "Like a Song...", and I was like, "Ok, they have totally won me over!" Not to mention Two Hearts..., The Refugee, Surrender. Which is why WAR will always be my favorite album. It is the one that started it all for me.

One more step, then I promise I will stop. Another friend of mine, to whom I told about U2 and how much I liked them, simply because of my word of mouth went out and bought BOY. Well, we were cruising around town and we pulled into a McDonald's and we were listening to BOY on cassette (this cracks me up, I remember it like it was yesterday, and it was the early 80's. Ha!) and Twilight was on. Before he turned off the car engine we got to Edge's guitar solo and I literally thought it was the coolest, most original solo I had heard in forever and a day. That is literally when I knew that U2 would be my favorite band for the rest of my life. Yep, sitting in a car in the McDonald's parking lot when that revelation came. Mysterious Ways, indeed....
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the moment I knew U2 were one of the best bands in the world? I'm a late bloomer as far as U2 fandom goes - my mom has always been into them but a lot of their stuff just wasn't all that impressive to me at first. Then I saw the Boston show on TV... and heard The Fly. Holy cow. There was no turning back.

I'm not a worshiper of the group or anything, they've done stuff I don't like (the War album, Numb, So Cruel, The Unforgettable Fire [the song], When You Look at the World... to name a few), but all in all they've got an excellent track record, and live they're unmatched except by their former selves.
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Old 08-19-2005, 10:24 PM   #42
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Originally posted by BluRmGrl
For me it was a progression of events.
Yeah, I'm with BluRmGrl, it was progressive. First it was hearing the Boy album with my younger sister, and then hearing the War album with my best friend. Then I heard the live version of SBS from the UABRS album that started the ball really rolling.

I was hooked in college when "Pride" came out and I saw my first show in LA in 1985!!

Since then, it's more like an obession than anything.
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Originally posted by Meghan

2nd U2 Experience:

A short time after that, I found myself stuck with Major Clinical Depression. Very few things at that time made me at all happy, but I heard Walk On, and it gave me hope. I bought ATYCLB. Even now Walk On makes me cry because it feels as if Bono wrote it just to keep me alive. And in a very real way, that song did help keep me alive.
Walk On is amazing. In fact, ATYCLB is amazing. The first half especially, even though the subject matter is not always happy, is filled with so much hope... I don't know. It's helped me through tough times anyway.

U2 had me at boom-cha.

Seriously. I was in fuckin' third grade. My mom bought Pop and forced me to listen to it...I like owe her everything. I didn't want to listen to it because I thought U2 was a heavy metal band for some reason and my nine-year-old self wanted to listen to Jethro Tull, thank-you-very-much. But once I heard Discotheque... "can we listen to that AGAIN?!" that was it. I was hooked. U2 has been my favourite band ever since although I have to say ATYCLB made me fall in love with them all over again. HTDAAB not really because after ATYCLB I was pretty permenantly obsessed, so there was no "again."

It's interesting to read the stories of how you guys got hooked... I'm jealous of the people who got into them in like '83 or whatever, but I'm pretty proud of myself for getting into them at a fairly young age. I owe it all to mom, really.
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i like this thread
well for me, it was progressive, like some of you

The first time I heard of U2 was in 2nd grade. I was reading this fiction book about these campers who were abducted by UFOs. One of the boys said, "Was that a UFO?", and another said, "I';ve heard of U2, but not UFOs".
Yeah a bit insignificant, but hey I remember that

Flash forward to 2002

My brother buys that "Now That's What I Call Music" collection, he had 6 and 8. BDAY was on 6, and Walk On on 8. I didn't even listen to those songs, I liked the pop songs at the beginning of the CD, didn't bother with the back of 6. (I should of, 3 of my all-time favorite songs are on there- Coldplay "Yellow", Incubus "Drive", and of course U2 "Beautiful Day")

Super Bowl 2002

Some band called U2 playing the Super Bowl. I vaguely recall a book from second grade. Bono and company launch into Beautiful Day. 5 minutes later I was shell-shocked. Vaguely remember Now 6, and I rush into my room to listen to that track. BLISS. (Sadly missed MLK and WTSHNN, "cries") After 4:08 minutes, I remembered "Walk On". Changed CDs, and ahhh. Healing for that post 9-11 soul.

Next week went out to buy ATYCLB. I programmed it for only Beautiful Day, Stuck in a Moment, and Walk On, since those were the singles I only knew. Shame on me. Had the nerve to listen to Kite, Elevation, and Wild Honey. They then became my band. Well the only band that I had ever bought, so...they have that honor for my first rock CD.

I bought Best of 80 next. Loved tracks 1,2,3,4,5, and 7. I skipped everything else. Including Bad. Shame shame shame.

Next was Best of 90. Ummm listened to One and Mysterious Ways. Skipped UTEOTW cuz the first 2 seconds sounded weird, and skipped Gone cuz I couldn't stand that wail. Shame on me.

And that was my first phase of U2-ism. They were my favorite and only band, but I soon got ashamed of them, because all my friends were listening to pop-punk Good Charlotte, Blink 182, and rap/hip-hop, like Eminem. I was THIS close to buying Eminem's CD. U2 slowly faded away to a distant standing, as Linkin Park stole the honor of my favorite band in 9th grade. I even made a AIM screen name, linkinparkphan25, which I regret every day. (Forgive me, for I have repented with U2phanatic). Sad days of 3 Doors Down, Simple Plan, and Nickelback.

Phase 2- Rebirth
Rumors of a U2 album leaked in France? I did some searching and found that the Bomb was dropping in the fall. Holy moly. Well I pulled out my old U2 cds, and listened to them again. Then I heard the live version of "Bad" on KLOS classic rock radio. HOOKED. So I listened to track 6 finally on Best of 80. Ahhhh all this time. Slowly rediscovered the songs I've been skipping over for the hits. My friend burned me POP, but I didn't listen to it too much, too techno-ish for me. At first taste. What a mistake

Vertigo came out. I downloaded it right away. At first, I was like, WTF is this? haha silly me. In 3 days I had the lyrics memorized, except for that sketchy "hours of fun" part. Haha. Went to U2.com and listened to the album online, streamed it to my WMP, listened to it everyday. When November came around, I went and bought the deluxe version, having already memorized the lyrics to it. My friends laughed at my U2 phobia this year in 10th grade, but I was too happy at my new found U2 phobia. Bought JT shortly after. Cried at it's brilliance, debated what song I liked better, Beautiful Day or WTSHNN.

My mom bought me a guitar for X-mas. Guess who I wanted to be like. First riff I learned was "Sunday Bloody Sunday". Being a guitarist helped me realized how simple but MAGNIFICENT the Edge is as a guitarist. "Dreams of learning WTSHNN on guitar".

Phase 4- Actung and afterwards
Heard U2 was coming to tour America in March. (first heard it on Interference, thank you guys) Couldn't get tickets then. Listened to my friend Brianna gush over Bono at the Staples Center in April. Jealous as heck. Started going on Interference a lot too. What a fun group of people, you guys taught more more things about U2 than I ever could learn. Thanks. AND you guys taught me how to download U2 bootlegs and everthing else, listening to U2 live made me so jealous I couldn't be there.

Anywyas, heard about the ONE campaign. "WOW what a nice dude Bono is" So I bought a whole bunch for me and my friends, helped spread the word.

Then I went out and bought Actung Baby. Marveled at the beauty of ONE and UTEOTW. Why didn't I listen to Edge's solo then? Debated what was my favorite song, WTSHHN, Bad, One, or Beautiful Day. This is my favorite band for sure.

Later I was able to get tickets for me and my friend to 11/1 in LA. It's gonna be the greeeeatest day of my life.

Phase 5- Beatlemania
Beatles? Yeah you read that right. I started listening to Lennon and company over the summer, and I was frankly amazed by the greatness of the band. I began to doubt if I liked them or U2 better. I now concede that the Beatles are better, just because they put out more records in a short time, and wrote great acoustic songs I can serenade my crush with. (My friend doesn't know All I Want IS You, so I can't play that for her). BUT afterwards I started listening to U2 a lot more, listened to the entire POP album again. It's good oh so good. I was now determined to get all their albums, so I went out and bought WAR. HMMM delicious.

And here I am, convinced of U2's greatness. Everytime someone knocks Bono, or U2 in any way, I jump up to defend them. I fiercely love this band, and will never let go of them. Thank you to all who bothered reading, and thanks to every Interference forum member for being so awesome. U2 fans are the greatest, nicest people in the world, and that's why our band is the best.

BTW what album should I buy next? im thinking of Pop, just to replace that burnt copy, or UF. But Boy sounds good too.
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I hadn't really listened to much U2 until I got All That You Can't Leave Behind around the time when it was released. I LOVED it but for a while I didn't even think about buying all the other albums, I suppose cos the album I had was so good for me I didn't wanna buy anything else by U2 only to find out it was crap (silly me). I was going through tough times and ATYCLB was my rock!

Then one day I watched U2: Live at Slane Castle on TV, it was just a shortened version of the DVD and was completely blown away. I remember especially Sunday Bloody Sunday just did something to me that no other music could and I couldn't believe how immense this band was and how Bono recited all the names of the victims of the Omagh bombing and just... you know. Wow. Around the same time I saw the video for One (drag version) and had similar feelings and I just knew this was gonna be my band. So then I built up my U2 collection, starting with the Go Home DVD, and here I am.

Also think it helped that Bono is hawt!

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