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Worse than a guilty pleasure...Probably should be a confession...It's the new...

eve 6 album.

yeah, i know. eve 6, crappy band, really. anyway you look at it, they suck. their singer is boring, his bass playing forgettable, guitar parts are cheesy and lame, and the drummer isn't anything special.

remember "inside out"? of course you don;t. or maybe you do, but you certainly don't remember "leech" and you've probably never heard "open road song"..."there's a face" was used for a bad high school lame horror movie...or was it "tongue tied"? i can't remember, but i think it was the latter.

then there was the second album. yeah that one really sucked. the first one would have been forgivable if they had faded back into the so. cal. backdrop and let us forget about them. lead single? oh yeah...it was that song "promise". i always forget about that one. oh wait, what's this? "here's to the night"--the reason you'd probably be able to get away with calling them a one hit wonder. i mean, the pop stations LOVED that song...

yes. i did mean every word i said. but i still like both of those albums. i know they suck, and i don't want to like them, but i do. and i;m seriously contemplating buying the new album on the 22nd when it comes out. but the new single really sucks. no, not in the sense that i said the second album was crap. in the sense that it REALLY SUCKS. "think twice before you touch my girl"....please, max collins...with a line like that, though, how could the rest of the album be any worse?? famous last words, huh?

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That's ok I guess, Yertle and I spent about 20 mins the other night talking about Savage Garden..........wait a second........I take that back.....It never happened.....

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this is the one instance where i'm actually glad i don't have the cash to spend
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was that the same conversation where i discussed why i liked limp bizkit when i first started out liking music?

oh yeah it never happened...

*skulks away*
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ah, most of us have someone we're a bit ashamed of. but if it's any consolation, even though Eve 6 does indeed suck - Here's to the Night was a good, well crafted pop song.
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no comment
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The guy from Eve 6...for a while I thought he was the guy that sang for Deep Blue Something ("And I said what about Breakfast at Tiffany's?...").

He was hot.

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